Holli @holli

Leicester, United Kingdom

Plaque and inverse psoriasis sufferer of 12 years. I get it all over my face (yay for make up) and on about 60% of my body currently. Been on medication for about 10 years but now hoping to find some relief in a lifestyle change :)


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Darby @darby

El Paso, TX, United States

"It's just like, dry skin." - me on any date I've ever been on
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Lee @littlelee

Bristol, United Kingdom

A computer hacker / programmer and website designer. Only recently started ge...
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Amanda @trini

Trinidad, CO, United States

Just trying to get through life with psoriasis. Would love to share and relat...
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Janice @Immy

Bourne, United Kingdom

I will not reply to private messages from people that I don't know.
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darren @bigd1982

Northampton, England, United Kingdom

36 years old - suffer from inverse P on my legs and arms, had this for the la...
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Iva @iva

London, United Kingdom

Be the witch you were born to be....magic, happy, wild and free!
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Amy @amos

London, United Kingdom

wow i'm itchy!!! suffered with psoriasis for 19 years (since I was 19) still ...
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Josh @josh

London, United Kingdom

Due to heavy winds my DNA can be found in several areas across the world.
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Don @don

Liverpool, United Kingdom

not much to say . just ask if you want to know xx
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Joni @joni
Spotty since 1998. Writing about spots since 2012. I write about my psorias...
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Kay @nuggetsmcr

Manchester, United Kingdom

I am 22 years old and have had psoriasis since my early teens. I love to pl...
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Flaym @flaym

Copenhagen, Denmark

Your official go-to source for #psorvivor blurbs, secrets and tips from Flaym...
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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

I am full of white scars :), I am a maintenance operative in my job, i am a...
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Will @willyb

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Musician and Yoga Instructor Still searching for ways to get clear, but I ...
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Abe @abeybaby
Psoriatic RA diagnosis at age 12. Medicated until age 25, trying to heal myse...
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HollyDan @hollydan

London, United Kingdom

Got psoriasis? Now there's just more of you to love 😘
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Jessica @saldije12

Houston, TX, United States

27.Texas. God First :) Engaged
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