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Got psoriasis? Now there's just more of you to love 😘


Michelle - That's wonderful news Holly. Well done! I'm happy for you. :)
Sean - Thats cool! I take 2000 IUs/day, Iv heard taking fish oil with it helps the absorption
Rita - I too take Vitamin D3. I used to take 5,000 IU/day. I recently had my blood tested and my vitamin... More Β»
Ruben - Hey HollyDan, welcome to Flaym! Mine cleared up after adding vitamine B to my diet. Gone since.
Sarah - Welcome back, HollyDan. My tips are: grapeseed oil soaks couple of times a week, Aveeno Daily Moi... More Β»
meriniko - I do not know if what I have is psoriasis, but sure it is similar bcz I have crusts/scabs all ove... More Β»
john,Hulk - yes its because the writer dennis potter had both diseases, he had psa bad i believe, never watch... More Β»
Ruben - Bond, James Bond :D Indeed not some sorry character, but a strong person. As everyone here!
Deleted account - I watched a documentary on psoriasis called my skin is on fire . Check it out it was really good ... More Β»
Deleted account - I can't keep a regular body temperature!! I've got the menopause!! Hot Flushes is my middle name!... More Β»
Nan195 - Hi Jacqueline, I am happily past that phase in my life and remember it clearly...a cool fan, ice... More Β»
RosieM - Hi there! yes it is a nightmare, it has got cold here in Dublin, my Psoriasis has flared badly [i... More Β»
Sarah - Oo I never use implements! But I think I'd be a front runner for a gold medal for "weirdest hairs... More Β»
Martin - Joining you in the scalp division. Will be using my long thick bent and buckled nails.
Paige78 - I’m in the winter O-LIMP-ICS with my psoriatic arthritis in my knees! They’re also pretty itchy/... More Β»
Jill - Ha ha ha! No sympathy at all! πŸ˜›
Nan195 - As long as your holiday was super good and you had fun 🌹
HollyDan - I'd definitely want to know! I agree with what you're saying about how to deliver it, but p doesn... More Β»
Kim - πŸ˜‚
Julian - Have to know!
Ajit - Lighter side to a flare up...Maybe you should consider writing a storyline for a new Disney Epic
Cheryl - I will try that. I have a large plant in a pot in my garden. Thanks for the tip 😊
Deleted account - What a brilliant idea
Delinda - Thanks for the information! πŸ˜™
Harold - Hi. There was a time, many many years ago when a South African company promoted a cream made from... More Β»
Jullie - Oh we'll just goes to show any thing is possible darl . Go for it. I might have to eat my words. Lol
Deleted account - I tried the banana peel once, it didn't work for me. It stung me at first and just dried my psor ... More Β»
Ajit - Better than being made to feel like a mutant with some supressed yet- to-discover super powers...... More Β»
Jan - Well ? Recycling ... suggestions??? (Giggles)
Jan - You are quite right Sherry, like John, he cheers me up so much. Laughter is a natural healing ... More Β»
Harold - I would feel something "fall" in my ear. I'd shake my head and a huge flake would fall out. Reall... More Β»
Craig - Our bodies, no matter the situation, are quite the miracle :P
Linda - Yes...especially on the bottom of my feet.
Jamie - Yay you are sweet
Vidhyut Shah - Stay strong stay positive
Cheryl - I love the way lovely caring people here can immediately lift spirits. Thanks for your kind wor... More Β»
Lucie - Done it! I have scratched my elbow not even thinking about it whilst cooking a spaghetti bolognes... More Β»
Harold - Like they used to say at KFC...Finger Lickin Good. πŸ˜‚
Nan195 - Good one, nothing lasts forever 🌹
Psoriatic4good - ... And we both know hearts can change And it's hard to hold a candle In the cold November rain... More Β»
Deleted account - Nice to have someone who understands and at least you could scratch each other in those hard to r... More Β»
Cindy - I don't date anymore....I have been ridiculed enough in my life with this disease....if I can pr... More Β»
Ella - Not redi to d8 yet
john,Hulk - yes, i know that feeling of being like a bear and scatching your back on a tree,done that many ti... More Β»
Deleted account - Love a good scratch. And it's bliss when I do it with something with a blunt edge, like the end o... More Β»
Phil - I Can Be Very Good Not Scratching All day .... But I Think I Must Have Taught Myself To Scratch ... More Β»
Claire - I was thinking and arguing with my family about this thought only yesterday! Totally agree!
Robin - I agree, i look at all people in the face. I treat them how i would like to be treated. The best... More Β»
Harold - You go girl!!!
Josh - I prefer an electric sander, really gets it
Don - my head is cut to bits with scratching xx
Chrisb - At work I scratch my head with a screwdriver...just waiting for someone to ask me if I've got a s... More Β»
Deleted account - Boots sell white ones which I have dyed to different colours
Cheryl - Our supemarkets here in Oz have white cotton gloves in the cleaning aisle. They are not an attrac... More Β»
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