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I got it when I was 18 years old....


john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Christina,, What are currently doing to help psoriatic arthritis symptoms?I am... More »
Sophia - How and where do you get a card for pso?
Rosey - Depends what country your in,too hard to get disability just for p or Ra in Australia ,hard to ge... More »
Rosey - End of summer here and today it's hot! Lucky it's Sunday so bout to grab some Ray's outside and ... More »
Michelle - It's Autumn here in SA and still very warm during the day. The evenings are cooling down to 16-17... More »
Rosey - It is to me, work in houses ,big houses,so much easier in Winter,I love the cold, high humidity r... More »
Susan - Oh dear Honey. Glad that something is helping if only short term. I have many ideas but you hav... More »
Honey - Thank you guys. I think I am now doing good with the food. I'm not really into dairy foods and ot... More »
john,Hulk - Good luck Honey, I still eat fruit strange, i never used to eat that much fruit and now i do, Its... More »
Clive - My skin is emotional , when it is angered by ignorant people around me it turns red and flakes / ... More »
Lee - Gross, what is that?
Rosey - We're you burnt in a fire ? Had that question a few times in the past.
Dionna - I totally salute you for being so positive.
Rosey - I got sick of looks,years,not just months,so brought sleeves recently,and voila,dont need to educ... More »
Rosey - W as never embarrassed but unfortunately cannot stop the flake that fall ha ha ha,well I can mean... More »
Gyanendra - Hi. Honey... I m from India. N there is very cheapest and effective treatment and controlling sol... More »
Psoriatic4good - Honey I didn't saw You, but I know You were beautiful :)
john,Hulk - Good for you Honey :)I take my helmet off to you :)
Sarah - Wahoooo! More days like this now Honey!
Sarah - Please post your progress Honey, I'm intrigued!
Honey - I will. 😉
Mishlyn - Good Luck Honey!! Looking forward to hearing how it works for you! :)
Honey - Thank you Chris. :)
Paul - Totally understand Honey, most people are more bothered by it than we are and we have to live wit... More »
Susan - Happy Graduation Honey... Suggestion... Don't hide. Try the lemon juice that is suggested here. ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Honey, I also have had good results with dietary changes and supplemmets. When I go off track ... More »
Sarah - Hey Honey, yes loads of people say that after a while of good results, ointments and applications... More »
Connie - I gave been using bag balm on my skin it helps keep my moist, does not clean it up completely, ... More »
john,Hulk - or you could just do a music christmas video with fake snow then the camera wouldnt see your flak... More »
Sarah - I moisturise my skin like I'm doing a human bowling ball competition!
Deleted account - The wild brown rice takes longer to cook and it's dense (to eat). No matter how much you cook i... More »
Deleted account - I mean I *love* not *live*! Lol.
Susan - Jacqueline I tend not to eat rice much but if I do I love it with just butter and salt. Maybe it... More »
Honey - Thank you guys! ;)
Jack - Awesome 💪 !
john,Hulk - haaha, that's funny honey,sounds good funny honey :) as long as you are good and not fighting, pu... More »
Honey - John. Thanks~ and yeah we don't fight. That pulling each others flakes out is a really good idea ... More »
Cheryl - I did today... loved it
Psoriatic4good - That's good for You :)
john,Hulk - heatherlynn, dont give up, stress dont help i know been there and worn too many greasy t shirts i... More »
Ronald - Thank u for that inspiring message Honey..
Susan - You betcha Honey. We have strength beyond measure!
hilary - So many of us feel the same xxxx
john,Hulk - i work in a nursing home as a maintenace person,there is a lady who is around 80 odd yrs of age,s... More »
john,Hulk - funny sherry, she seems to ask for me a lot,maybe being a fellow flaker, I put her cardigan on to... More »
Liz - Just be your self skin is you
Psoriatic4good - Yes... they didn't sell only treatment but whole package with stay-in and it was about 100+€ per ... More »
john,Hulk - all sounds to fishy to me hhmmmm :)
Susan - I've heard of this before. I don't know if it would gross me out or not...
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