Honey @honey

Manila, NCR, Philippines

Before Honey's 4th yr in college. She battles Psoriasis. She distance herself from everyone and so as them to her. One day she realized that she need to accept herself as she is, even when others don't. Now she's confidently beautiful with a plaques.


Michelle - Hi Honey, I also have had good results with dietary changes and supplemmets. When I go off track ... More Β»
Sarah - Hey Honey, yes loads of people say that after a while of good results, ointments and applications... More Β»
Connie - I gave been using bag balm on my skin it helps keep my moist, does not clean it up completely, ... More Β»
john, DARTS VADER - or you could just do a music christmas video with fake snow then the camera wouldnt see your flak... More Β»
Sarah - I moisturise my skin like I'm doing a human bowling ball competition!
Deleted account - The wild brown rice takes longer to cook and it's dense (to eat). No matter how much you cook i... More Β»
Deleted account - I mean I *love* not *live*! Lol.
Susan - Jacqueline I tend not to eat rice much but if I do I love it with just butter and salt. Maybe it... More Β»
Honey - Thank you guys! ;)
Jack - Awesome πŸ’ͺ !
john, DARTS VADER - haaha, that's funny honey,sounds good funny honey :) as long as you are good and not fighting, pu... More Β»
Honey - John. Thanks~ and yeah we don't fight. That pulling each others flakes out is a really good idea ... More Β»
Cheryl - I did today... loved it
Psoriatic4good - That's good for You :)
john,darts vader - heatherlynn, dont give up, stress dont help i know been there and worn too many greasy t shirts i... More Β»
Ronald - Thank u for that inspiring message Honey..
Susan - You betcha Honey. We have strength beyond measure!
hilary - So many of us feel the same xxxx
john, DARTS VADER - i work in a nursing home as a maintenace person,there is a lady who is around 80 odd yrs of age,s... More Β»
john, DARTS VADER - funny sherry, she seems to ask for me a lot,maybe being a fellow flaker, I put her cardigan on to... More Β»
Liz - Just be your self skin is you
Psoriatic4good - Yes... they didn't sell only treatment but whole package with stay-in and it was about 100+€ per ... More Β»
john, DARTS VADER - all sounds to fishy to me hhmmmm :)
Susan - I've heard of this before. I don't know if it would gross me out or not...
Psoriatic4good - I have a family place on our coast but with so much skin coverage it's too hurtful to be on the b... More Β»
Bobby - One of my joys in life is going to the beach. Enjoy the coming sembreak.😊
Psoriatic4good - Mine was also but I had to quit that, and I love everything related to sea and that place :/ C... More Β»
Charlotte Bailey17 - That is so sweet! It must be so hard on a young boy to have P. I'm glad you made him feel that ... More Β»
Samantha - This makes my heart melt. I'm such even with such a small gesture, it made a positive impact on t... More Β»
Jack - You're awesome!
Psoriatic4good - Flakes rulez :)
Honey - @psotiatic4good They are! πŸ˜‚Even my mother who's the boss in our house gave up on them. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
john, DARTS VADER - yep i was lying on the beach last week in tenerife spread out like a starfish :)
Deleted account - That's absolutely me! <3
Mary - I try to stick to lean protein (mostly chicken or turkey), eggs, greek yogurt, veggies, fruits. I... More Β»
xon - Everything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Psoriatic4good - Pretty much so :)
Honey - @pam there's no dead sea mud here. Sad life :) @john same here but I went to other place and ... More Β»
Honey - Hello prince. πŸ˜‚
john, DARTS VADER - in bulgara next to the black sea, psoriatics can be seen using mud then going into the sea :)
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