Mike @insitegm

Concord, CA, United States

Proud father of six, five girls. Found this group and hope to help others while getting a better understanding of my immune system and what I can do to to stop the spreading of my psoriasis


Ade - Are you a FLERFER too ?
Mike - Just someone that believes you should do some research before making decisions. And you?
Denise - No sugar, dairy, gluten, corn, eggs. This will help tremendously
cheryl - I drink coke zero and don't find it too bad. try not to have too much acidic food as well.
Michelle - Best thing to do is cut all of that out. you might think it does nothing to you but take coke zer... More »
Ruben - Welcome to the Flaymily! My biggest trigger that's left (already eliminated some things) is ref... More »
Maureen - Welcome Mike I've been on a wheat and dairy free diet can't drink alcohol (one exception champagn... More »
Sarah - That's so amazing Maureen. What probiotics and supplements are you taking? And what kind of intol... More »
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