Mike @insitegm

Concord, CA, United States

Proud father of six, five girls. Found this group and hope to help others while getting a better understanding of my immune system and what I can do to to stop the spreading of my psoriasis


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Claire.muzza @missmuzzza

Paisley, United Kingdom

Olaf and me are relatable .. we both have our own snow falling over our heads...
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dave @daveh

Chester, UK

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Rosemary @rosemary3

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Bambi @bambi

Galesburg, IL, United States

Love my life, I have a great Hubby and 3 beauties that call me mom.
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Jim @jim1235

Mesa, AZ, United States

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Christy @christy821

Suffolk, VA, United States

Mom of two grown boys, 3 fur babies and a wonderful hubby!
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Maggiec645 @maggiec645

Port Richey, FL, United States

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Chris @chris2038

Glasgow, UK

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Lady @lady


16 yrs of beating scalp Psoriasis with the help of mineral oil
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Ed @Mister

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I like photography,travel and the outdoors.
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