Jade @jadeeuphemia

Salisbury, UK

Bubbly, fun, also lost and confused! Depression sufferer, psoriasis sufferer, still gotta smile 😊


Sarah - Argh no so it won't be before your holiday then... not what you wanted. You have tell yourself th... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - I agree to with natalie, just makes you want to scratch some flakes into their face,awful people... More »
Clint - Jade your a beauty the fresh air and sun will do you good the food is some of the best in the wor... More »
Bev - Gosh well done Jade that's so great. I'm sure it's going to help your P as well
Jade - Thank you guys 😊 I am feeling better now, it’s tajen a while to shake it though!
Susan - Good for you Jade. Always very empowering to take our health into our own hands.
Julia Erica - Superlike🤗
Paul - I did try it a long time ago but didn't do much however I was stressed out at the time so might b... More »
Ruben - Let's add banana to the mix, soon we'll be able to bake an anti P cake :) Actual contents: Lemon... More »
Michelle - It really is one of the greatest feelings!! ❤❤
john,Chewweeeeee - You are close by Jade if you are in salisbury wiltshire uk , luckily mines not bad, more of a n... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Ah you are from the uk,i went to salisbury central today,the sun was shining,it was nice not too ... More »
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