Jane @janehoney

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Hi hello thank you... 😁


Gráinne - Leggings drive my legs crazy with itch 😣😣
Alexander Bruce - then take them off xx
RIAZ - I stay away from synthetic fabrics, most itch, get stuck to skin, creates static and can irritate... More »
Claire - I love coconut oil! I put it on wet skin straight out of the shower then towel dry/blot so my ski... More »
Jane - Hi Claire, thanks for that I'm actually trying that now and it's been 3 days since I'm doing that... More »
Claire - Yay! I love sharing something that works for me and it's even better that it works for you too!
Michelle - lol Jane. we are all bored believe me. I can't stay at home not doing anything. I do work from ho... More »
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