janet @janet

Kent, WA, United States

i am the mum of four nan of seven boys now i am a mum of two beautiful dogs


john,Hulk - i am on diet changes have been for a few months now, skin and joints are a lot better as certain... More »
Frani - Psoriatic arthritis is terrible! The pain can be unbearable and my joints are starting to not le... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Janet! I hope you have been able to find some good treatment and relief for your hands!
Heather - Angie I agree 100%. My dermatologist prescribed [...] for me, which worked wonderfully & it was t... More »
Richard - The old use for scalp psoriasis was coal tar shampoo, but now it's been replaced with a new shamp... More »
Mary - I understand the bleeding, its the worse
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