Janet @janetC

Florida, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


john,Hulk - hello janet,its because theres nothing doctors and derms can do as there is no cure,healing yes,... More »
Lindakay1948 - Janet I completely understand what your saying..I am having a very similar problem but because I ... More »
Janet - Julie, I live in Florida and have a salt water pool. Weather is getting warm enough I can use the... More »
john,Hulk - sea and sun, it helped me last week and i am tanned too,looking healther to people say :)
john,Hulk - why i dont bother going to bone specialists or dermotology,they will offer creams i am already us... More »
Sara - Its hard to find anyone who understands fully. Dermatologist and light treatment seems to work fo... More »
Andrew - I met one in Hospital when I was in as an in patient, but tell your pastor, How did Jesus deal wi... More »
byron - well said they keep giving and nun of it helps
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