Jane :)

Jane :) @janetsipi


Having a love and hate relationship (hopefully not forever) with the very annoyingly clingy, Psoriasis. :)


john,Hulk - Happy New Year Jane, All the best to you :)
Michelle - Happy new year :)
Jane :) - Yes, after washing really itch to the highest level! I hate it, John! :) And also when it dries, ... More »
Sallyhr - Hairdresser mention how flaky it was and gave me hot oil treatment and that actually helped for a... More »
john,Hulk - Luckily mine dosnt look flakey everywhere,i can get away with black tops etc and i dont flake, ju... More »
A - Vrolijk kerstfeest from the Netherlands
James - Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr
Jane :) - Thanks Michelle, Millionways and James! 🎄
1jay - I was advised it was too ha rsh
Jane :) - Thanks James! I think it is a good antiseptic too. My scalp was not as inflamed as before when I ... More »
Jane :) - Hi 1jay! Thanks for sharing. I am a new user of tea tree oil and have read articles about its ben... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry LIVEREL its called, spelling it wrong thanks :)
Jane :) - I also have a herbal supplement too and it did a good job. It helped me clear my P somehow. I sti... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Jane,Darren here said his cleared up well, so nothing to lose than you :)
Jane :) - Hello Michelle! Thank you! All is good so far. I hope you are too!
Mishlyn - Happy to hear that Jane :) All is good here as well, thanks!
Sarah - You're back Jane! That is ace. How are you and your p doing? Still fighting the food fight here 😊
john,Hulk - hello jane, i hope you are well, it has been a long time since you were here,have a happy christm... More »
Janice - Thank you Jane and the very same to you too.
Sarah - And to you, Jane
Annette - I hate cooking when my hands flare up. Do others wear plastic gloves?
Annette - I went to Mexico and spent days on the beach and in the salt water. Ate fresh. All went away on h... More »
Sarah - That's so weird you say that Annette. I spent hours itching last night and trying to figure it ou... More »
adrian - I use a cream with cocoa Butter in I find that this helps. I generally get it from Avon.
Ajit - Hi Jane, Never go for hydrogen peroxide on p. It makes the skin real hard and cracks open the sc... More »
Sarah - Hi Jane no i haven't, it sounds quite intensive!
Susan - Yeah those teachers need a day! I love teaching because I get to learn too. I have taught many ... More »
michael - Without teachers and educators how would we pass on our beliefs and values to future generations
Jane :) - Thank you Susan and Michael! I really hope the students will find the value of education and its ... More »
Susan - Harold I think the reason I never had calcium deficiency with my diet is I LOVE greens of any sor... More »
Janice - No and I have P very bad on my feet, did have on the palms too but is now clear, I have always th... More »
Daunine - Yes I do. Mostly my thumbs the nails are bumpy and look like got smashed by a hammer sometimes.
Kim - Hi Jane. You are assuming it's the wine. It could be an additive to something in the food.
Jane :) - Hi John! Yes, I don't drink with high alcohol content anymore. Flavored beer was okay with me, an... More »
Jane :) - Hello Kim! Yes, i am assuming it's the wine that triggered the bad itch. I like and went to that ... More »
Deleted account - How do you make turmeric tea? I've only the powdered form in a jar in my cupboard x
Jane :) - Hello Jacqueline! What i have here is in powder form mixed it with honey. but in some countries, ... More »
Deleted account - I take 1tsp of turmeric, 1/2 tsp of freshly ground black pepper and 1tbsp of olive or hemp oil, m... More »
Clive - Hi Jane , i can not by any measure know the amount of physical pain that you are in , but prayers... More »
Joezi - Szia! Javaslom, Magyarország Harkány város gyógyfürdő, kimondottan javaslót a problémánkra. 4 -5 ... More »
Joyce - Prayers....
Mickg48 - Michael I will try the tumeric tea how much do you drink of each?
Shawn - I agree with the turmeric - I take two capsules daily - turmeric extract curcumin c3 complex - 11... More »
port - I was waking up in the mornings and my hands were like claws, Now I take a tsp of turmeric plus a... More »
Ajit - So true Susan...When it comes to kids, we always fall a bit short of words trying to explain life... More »
Susan - Ajit thanks for that. I am "recovered" and maybe not healed. My daughter is another story. She... More »
john,Hulk - thanks susan, its so true of a lot of people not just her ,that they see the skin and that's it, ... More »
Jane :) - Probably the spa owner might hire me! Hahaha
Deleted account - Don't forget the easiest way to kill a fish is to overfeed it x
port - Hi Jane I remember years ago watching a tv doco on a spar in Israel on the dead sea where they h... More »
Jane :) - Hello Ajit. Good to know that coconut oil works well with you too! :)
Ajit - Definitely...but i dont wash it out...as i said, i massage it on my scalp after a bath, in propor... More »
Stephen - I will have to try that.
Dolores - What do u use for your psoriasis
Deleted account - I am in the same boat as you and it is really affecting the quality of my life - booked in to se... More »
Clay - Sorry to hear! About five years ago, I started using injection therapy for my P. It made all the ... More »
john,Hulk - why not, its ok now and again, have a good wkend jane :)
Jane :) - @Jennifer- I only had two 😋 I was so tired. @John- thanks. Yeah, I don't drink much anymore co... More »
john,Hulk - good, it was my night of madness yesterday,so i did have quite a few to drink and some bad food,g... More »
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