Jannie @jannie2469

I paint murals. Just doing an 8 metre mosaic of a naked lady above my cooker and a large Picasso vagina above my dining room table just to annoy my kids the way they annoy me...I might be slightly excentric


James - Don't delete your account, tell the site managers, they can read all PMs, and throw the offenders... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - You can talk to lasse at flaym Jannie, i have got someone removed, for well doing what they sho... More »
Flaym - Hi Jannie. So sorry to hear you've had this unpleasant experience. Please do let us know what hap... More »
Jannie - Rosey it is a floral penis cushion . I have sold and painted many. I don't have one in my house.
Rosey - Cool,I want one!
Rosey - Jannie,hope the bad person hasn't got the better of of you ,was enjoying your artistic ways and a... More »
Michelle - Hi Jannie, I do both. I apply acv to my skin to control the itch. I tried it out of desperation w... More »
Sarah - I started out drinking it but it started to affect my tooth enamel (even when drinking it through... More »
Jannie - Cider vinegar makes your lips curl...but it helps to flush the rubbish out of your digestive orga... More »
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