Jan @janthegran

Corby, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

I have scalp psoriasis...which seems to arrived after fighting breast cancer and chemo and then Lympodeama, this is said to effect the Immune system. 70 years old and still with a sense of humour.....HELP!


Bill Holder - it could be. Psoriatic arthritis can kick in when ever it feels like it.
Mishlyn - I hope not Jan! Your dr can run some tests if you'd like. Lots of people hear use turmeric capsul... More »
Mackamlady - Hiya it worked for me on my body but not my scalp. I got referred by dermatologist. And yes it ev... More »
Ruben - Helped for me, but same as Brian I was quite burnt after the treatments. Had 20 sessions in a UV ... More »
Tessa Gray - Hey!! Light therapy did not work for me and I took it for a month I presume, but it was just okay...
john,Hulk - plain water jan,i would think what mike has said,its what i do and i have great results, i just d... More »
Sonet - Apparently too many chemicals in the tap water I believe.
Janice - I have been buying Sainsbury's own bottled water and when I tested it the PH was 5 and my tap wat... More »
valerie - lay on a towel, or have an extra sheet to lay on or cover with........my 2 cents worth.....lol.....
MommaMia - Change your pillow case daily?
Jackie - maybe a shower cap thats what i do
john,Hulk - hello jan, its possible, i have heard of these things happening to people,sorry you feel alone , ... More »
Jan - Thankyou John! I think if one can figure the initial cause, this may indicate the solution.. I.... More »
john,Hulk - hope you find a solution jan, i have and i am near clear now as i had a flare last winter,it is a... More »
Jan - I chickened out .... but trying to get it controlled first, maybe next week...😉
Emma - I just tell them...
Jeni - i find it really bad having to go to the hairdressers never mind ringing them ,I,ve been ringing ... More »
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