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I was diagnosed at the age of 2, it’s has always been visible to the world and will never not be, so if I wanna wear a bikini and show it off I will but some days you just feel low in confidence...


Sarah - Hi Jasmine, I've been following the Autoimmune Protocol for 6 months, and have just come out of e... More »
Heather - I follow an auto immune disease and low histamine diet. Through research and with trial and error... More »
Jasmine - Thank you all so much!
Jasmine - Not really, I literally just stop combination therapy with UVB and it’s come straight back... fin... More »
Ava - So sorry to hear it, Jasmine. Perhaps you can resume UVB treatments?
Mishlyn - I hope you can get it back under control as well Jasmine. I am happy to hear that P has not botto... More »
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