Jasmin @jasminx

Melbourne VIC, Australia

Scalp and Guttate Ps and PsA. Diagnosed @ 20.


Bev - Sorry you've had another flare up Jasmin but a good sign is that it's not as severe. Have you had... More »
Sarah - I'm very similar Jasmin. I've been doing diet trials for almost a year now (AIP, paleo, gluten / ... More »
Jasmin - Hi Sarah, I think im very similar with you with hormonal cycles, and definitely onset of illness.... More »
Michelle - True Susan. Whenever I gain weight, my P gets worse. My problem is water retention. Since I've be... More »
Tobin - Been 4 years for me . Diet and exercise is all I did
john,Hulk - Mainly mine gets better in the summer, winter is my enemy, i am taking big doses of vit D at the ... More »
Michelle - We all need that treat. That's right John. I concentrate on Keeping my body inflammation free. No... More »
bernadette - Got my first lamp treatment to day in hospital hope it works
Genevieve - Good luck Bernadette. It works for most people. I was one of the unlucky 2 % who had a bad reacti... More »
Yolandi - I know what that feels like. I was 18 when I was diagnosed and my anxiety never decreases
Jasmin - To be honest, i'm still pretty down about it, my anxiety never leaves me aswell, and it is my big... More »
Sarah - It sounds like a great idea to be honest!
Jasmin - It actually is! It makes my scalp management and regime so much easier and less time consuming! I... More »
deborah - I've thought about that myself... but I'm a little old to be that trendy :) Good idea though.
Jasmin - Also, although it has calmed down, i still get new spots everyday but the older ones are starting... More »
Sarah - It's great you found a combo you're happy with
Sonia - I get that all the time! … especially on hotter days when people are wearing shorts and tank tops... More »
Jasmin - Yes Susan i agree! but unfortunately, i havent gathered enough courage to do so. I'm newly diagno... More »
Lorna Penner - Hi Everyone,,Im really broke out on my hands and my right arm and I been spraying vinegar on my ,... More »
Madmum007 - coconut oil didn't work for me either, nor did ACV but, black castor oil did. aveeno cream is a... More »
psomom - just the regular Aveeno moisturizer?
Madmum007 - yes, regular Aveeno Moisturising Cream
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