Jayne @jaynemaber

Gloucester, United Kingdom

hi I am jayne an have had psoriasis for over 30 years - am now young free and single ( ok forget the young bit lol ) Watch out world - here i come !!!!


Michelle - That is great Jayne! I wish you continued success with it! :D Its so nice when we can see somethi... More »
Sarah - That's ace Jayne, so scary these stories about paraffin being flammable in our creams! 😲😲😲
Chris - Always a good start Jayne x
Michelle - What a great feeling indeed! That is great to hear Jayne! 😊
Walter - Great to hear
Roxanne - Morning Jayne and the rest of you as well.
Sarah - Morning, Jayne! (Well afternoon...)
Nan195 - All good now thanks Jayne, bruises nearly gone 🌹
Michelle - I think you have indeed Jayne! So happy to hear it! 😊 Enjoy every second!! ❤
Jayne - Thank you all so much for your replies - am feeling so happy that I could click with someone afte... More »
Michelle - That is awesome news Jayne. You are one of the 10% whom is so lucky.
Michelle - So happy to hear this Jayne!! Enjoy!!
Jayne - Thanks for all the lovely commentsx
Shweta Singh - this is so nice Jayne. :)
Susan - Yes. I can relate Jayne. I haven't had chinese in FOREVER, but it does taste good.
Sarah - Chinese food is a great one to make at home, Jayne! Then you know what's in it and can avoid any ... More »
john,darts vader - oh dear, glad you enjoyed it jayne, sorry about your flare
john,darts vader - hello jayne, happy new year to you to and i hope a none flakey one too :)
Jayne - Thank you john - have a fab flakey free year ( we can hope )
Susan - Happy New Year Jayne. All the best to you in 2018.
john,darts vader - hello jane, good to hear from you ,sorry about what you are going through, yes i am fine thank yo... More »
Susan - Oh dear Jayne. Hope you feel better soon.
Jennifer - Good luck Jayne, warm wishes your way 😊
Shelley - Have an awesome date! I hope he is one that enjoys a person for who they are and not what’s on th... More »
michael - Jayne I, Wish you luck and all the love in the world
Kim - Get well soon.
Jill - Awwww....hope you feel better soon, Jayne! 💜
Sarah - Illnesses always make me flare too, hope you're ok
john,darts vader - sorry to hear this jayne,i hope you do get some sleep,not good if you cant sleep for general heal... More »
Mickg48 - Hi Jayne hope you get some sleep soon I use a sleeping tablet called Murelax and I take a 1/4 to ... More »
Liz - Hi I'm the same I don't sleep cos skin plays up and nerves jump on legs I asked the doctor for so... More »
Deleted account - "Dr Johns healing psoriasis cookbook" ( Not our Dr. John...lol) The do's and dont's are in there... More »
Deleted account - ....forgot...got mine on Kindle.
Jayne - Thank you
Jayne - Thanks Jill x
john,darts vader - hello Jayne,yes not good, hope things will change if you do elimination of potential bad foods,my... More »
Barbs - I take antihistamines for the itch when I haven't slept. They help a lot
john,darts vader - sorry to hear this jayn,its the life of p,a pain in the ass,seems all the things we get, like sor... More »
Susan - Good luck to you Jayne. Ask him about food/lifestyle changes. I'd like to know what he says. W... More »
Liz - Funny I have a sore throat had bad head last week and neck hurt feet hurt again hands as well but... More »
Robert - Lucky !!
Kim - Sounds lovely Jayne. I hope you have a wonderful time.
Jill - That sounds very fun! Enjoy! 💜
Kim - Hi Jayne. I had a feeling that's what you meant! Hope you find somewhere nice to visit.
Jayne - Hi kim - have found a cottage in lyme regis that will accept dogs and well behaved friends - will... More »
john,darts vader - hello Jayne. I have been there to lyme regis,cant remember it though has was very young, that's c... More »
Susan - Good for you Jayne. I think maturity in people is so good to see. Nobody in my circle was ever ... More »
Debakshi - I know we should not be seeking assurances from others but, it feels so good when people accept u... More »
Kim - Google it Norpil.
Kate - Thank you Kim. Seeing my specialist in a week. Will update you then. Thanks for your concern! 💛
Sonet - Now that you mention it, I do but I thought it was accidental. My voice also goes hoarse and I ge... More »
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