Judy @jdin

Had psoriasis for around 15yrs. Makes me feel very self conscious and alone. Waiting for a magic cure to make it disappear!


carol - Been waiting for a miracle for 60 years but who knows. Miracles do happen.
dave - Hi Judy , invest in a hot tub , just keep it warm not hot and pour a larg tub of dead sea salts ... More »
Judy - So Iv bought a soaking tub, kinda like a paddling pool but taller, helps but takes forever to fil... More »
Polar - It is important to keep on your humour
Chrisb - Stuey is Cosentyx a prescription only drug ?
Stuey - Chrisb. Cosentyx is prescription only in the UK . Apparently according to google it is £1200 for ... More »
Rosemary - Hi I know how you feel but you must not get stressed it makes it worse one as to live with it fin... More »
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