Judy @jdin

Had psoriasis for around 15yrs. Makes me feel very self conscious and alone. Waiting for a magic cure to make it disappear!


dave keyes - Judy you can get a product called tar pomade which can be used as a soapy substance and use all o... More »
Brenda - Kid's swimming pool makes a quick bath. You can use it in and outdoors. Weather permitting of co... More »
Polar - It is important to keep on your humour
Ally - Methotrexate is a hit or miss and the side effects can be bad (mine were). get onto the bio's and... More »
Chrisb - Stuey is Cosentyx a prescription only drug ?
Stuey - Chrisb. Cosentyx is prescription only in the UK . Apparently according to google it is £1200 for ... More »
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