Jen @jen1984

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

My pso started to get serious about 5 years ago but ive never been this itchy and sore from it.


Sarah - Good luck Jen hope it works for you.
Darlene - What is Sorbolene
Julie - I use sorbolene soap.
Gino - Jen, What I discovered is that increased itching and flaking comes down to 3 things [1] alcohol [... More »
Julie - I stopped taking multi’s a while ago. I do take vitamin B1, thiamin, it helps with the brain fog.... More »
Lorna Penner - Im taking Moranga powder--in yogart or smoothie. I just started but I just got myn here at ,"Life... More »
john,Hulk - haha, its only boring to a lot of people out there that dont eat like some of us do here Michelle... More »
Michelle - Hey John. Wow she is a lucky girl. I look at a pea and I gain weight. Not fair. Maybe she will ga... More »
Jannie - Very interesting thread from all. I had fish and chips last night .....went straight through the ... More »
Jen - Other than this last one no didn't get it.
Deleted account - I wrote Bless your heart . I only have it on my hands and feet it does about cripple me some time... More »
Deleted account - Jen it was nice talking with you and I pray you will be restored I tried to ask you a question ab... More »
john,Hulk - Happy mother day to you mothers :)
Mishlyn - Thanks all! Happy Mothers day to everyone as well! The sun is shining bright today 🌞 25°C. My ski... More »
Susan - Thanks Jen. Hope you had a super Mother's Day too. For those on Flaym that are FB friends you k... More »
Ruben - Hey Jen, when making bone broth, try and avoid leaks. When cooked for more than 6 hours leaks bec... More »
Sarah - Great tip Ruben!
Jen - Oh thanks Ruben I didn't know that. I'll look at the recipe again and get what I need on Monday. ... More »
Susan - I think it's the acid. Same thing happens to me.
Bellammae - Better safe than sorry
john,Hulk - yes, too much acid can make your mind go funny
Jen - Haha...yep sorry that's 'biologics' of course.
Geraldine - Hi Jen I see you are a Queenslander😀
Jen - Yay Queenslander!!!
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