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I am 65 , had psoriasis for 9 years , triggered I think by traumatic event in my life. Worse now than it’s ever been but determined it will get better 😊


Jenny - No I haven’t . Will have to look it up . I have until tomorrow to decide . Thank you
Michelle - Good luck on what ever you decide on and keep us posted. Sorry I couldn't be of much help :)
Jenny - I decided against exposing my face and have a vitamin D cream to put on my forehead . Will updat... More »
Jenny777 - She was lovely 😊. I am on holiday soon also going away in September and October so as I need to g... More »
Jenny777 - Sarah it would appear I have 2 profiles, one on my I pad and one on my I phone...I couldn’t quite... More »
Sarah - Contact Flaym through the help section below. They can sort it out for you!
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