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Durant, OK, United States

Honestly - I have had this stuff since 1980 after using sunscreen I was allergic to. Now I am old and still itchy, lol, but my life has had some great times in it.


susie1866 - I have lost many nails, all you can do is wait for them to grow back. :-(
Amber - IVe ostensibly plenty of nails on hands and feet...I have found one nail technician that doesn't ... More »
john,Hulk - hello amber, i have both,i made my joints better just by changing my diet, it does help,keep gett... More »
Susan - Jeri you'll have to call the people who add words to the dictionary. Maybe you'll make some mone... More »
Polyp - Excellent, I've got a few of those at the moment.
Karen - Minedoes not itch yet,mineison my hands legs and feet,and it burns and itches
Jeri - Thank you for the support, Ya'll. It was very centering and calming. The alcohol before the needl... More »
Susan - Good for you Jeri. I did try acupuncture once and am nervous to do it again. They did it in my ... More »
Jeri - Susan, that's terrible! I hope you find another practitioner who is more effective.
john,Hulk - hello jeri, I made changes, big ones and my skin and joints are better, I hope you have a recover... More »
Susan - Sorry Jeri... That sucks. You will find so much out here about lifestyle/diet change. I also ta... More »
Jeri - Right now I am at about 80%, but the rash on my body doesn't look like real psoriasis. My head, y... More »
Deleted account - Hey! I actually was amazed when I found stories about people drinking Kangen water and it helped ... More »
Susan - Hang in there Jeri... Maybe do a cleanse. I have a great one if you are interested that I can sh... More »
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