Jacqueline @jholly

Blunsdon Saint Andrew, United Kingdom

Mother, Artist, Survivor. Living with and scratching the itch.

Otto_M_Moon - we have taco bell in the US John...lol but mmm garlic ;-) btw sent you a friend request on FB
john - thats great will thanks, friendship accepted :)
Nan195 - Flaxseeds have Omega3 and are good for the colon lining 🌹
Susan - Jill I am clear. I don't really thing of what goes into my body as a diet but I do use the word.... More »
Jacqueline - Hi Jill, No I don't follow a specific diet, I used to be vegan, but have gone back to eating meat... More »
Anita - Yeah gluten free is very expensive and I don't know if it has flavor or not. I guess I will have ... More »
Susan - Beth you are right. Life after is terrific. Something in my 50's changed. I went through menop... More »
Jill - I can relate!
Diane - Get yourself some sage capsules and take two a day. Drink sage tea too, it helps. We have a produ... More »
Nan195 - Hi Jacqueline, Happy to know that you are getting better. Not sure about your wrists and why b... More »
John - I’m the same. Mirrored locations of psoriasis on my left and right side. Very curious why this is.
Otto_M_Moon - It's the parallel universe that Otto M Moon lives in one side ice and one side fire like a ru... More »
Dex - Hey everyone! Just so you know Turmeric is one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory kno... More »
Susan - I hope you feel better soon Jacqueline.
Sarah - Wow Dex, I am so trying that with coconut milk. I absolutely love green cardamom so will keep tha... More »
James - Mine is metal and telescopic but the comb is semi soft plastic so I can be fairly brisk without h... More »
Jacqueline - Had my back scratcher years. Can't live without it. Nobody touch mah scritcher, geddit? Lol.
Emma - I’ve just bought a bamboo one and it’s extendable haha love it!
Dave - I rarely itch these days but when I did, boy, could I relate to that..exactly how it is.
Sherry - It's very difficult to stop scratching.. I'm one of the worst when it comes to scratching.... it'... More »
Chris - No scratching today ..... So far Jacqueline being a good lad !
Susan - Sas that's cool that you went to her retreat... Hmmm. Might add that to my bucket list. I love ... More »
john - i heard about this book a while ago i think from here,sounds good :)
Sarah - I saw this article a while ago too. Glad you found it interesting!
Susan - Mick I guess doctors get sick too.
Susan - Jeez Mick... You know better. LOL. You are very funny.
john - oh dear mick,after next week my 2 month detox is up, i havnt noticed any difference without drink... More »
Dave - Yeah Jacqueline, you can say that again ( Don’t 😆😜)...we need to be hysterical ALL OF THE TIME 🤣😁... More »
Jacqueline - Oh funnee comments and everything - good to laugh! 😂😂😂
Jacqueline - 🎼ear worm, ear worm, ear worm..🎼
Dave - “Shi....” 🤣
Susan - Dave I'm big on music too... Rock, Gospel, Accapella, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, even some ACDC, ... More »
Nan195 - Enjoy every slice 🌹
Jacqueline - I bought 5 loaves in the end and I broke the bank because they aren't cheap! I'd buy more but t... More »
Susan - Man... I used to love sourdough bread. I even made it myself. Yum. Bread of anysort for me is ... More »
Susan - Jacqueline hope you enjoyed it. Just a funny ok? I have other things I would like to do rather ... More »
Nan195 - A very “Happy Birthday Jacqueline, enjoy your special day and cake out to celebrate 🌹🍰🎂🌟👑💃👌🏻👏🏻❤️
Julie - Enjoy 😀
will21 - with Tiger Balm you can always add a little of you own oils , such as rosemary or what ever
Jacqueline - I didn't know that, good idea Will. Twill lessen the potency methinks.
will21 - MEOW..... Kitty Balm a diy recipe 2oz Beeswax 1oz Shea Butter 2oz Carrier Oil Essential ... More »
Susan - John I know they are a pain denture be it partial or full. Implants are ridiculously expensive. ... More »
Nan195 - Fabulous Post and very interesting too. I do Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil every morning for abou... More »
Sarah - Interesting thread! I have tooth sensitivities sometimes at the gumline, I wonder if it is made w... More »
Nan195 - Welcome Aggie and Julian stay with us 🌹😊
john - hello susan , i have shared my diet so many times,a lot dont want to give up the sweets etc and p... More »
Julie - Being new to this site, I found it was just what I was looking for, full of useful tips, great ad... More »
Jacqueline - Thanks Sarah - I'll try the vegetable crisps, sounds like a good alternative. I baked grated parm... More »
Bob - Costco has a lot of natural foods. Enjoy!
john - so true about getting full. i used to stuff myself silly with anything that i liked,changing diet... More »
Chris - I put mine on Facebook for all to see,pity there's not that option on here
Jacqueline - I've asked Flaym, they are aware of the need for it and are looking in to it :-)
Debra - Ooo, Jacqeline, go on. Make my day. Mine is wide spread. Guess what......
Julie - Jacqueline...my apologies for extending your thread. I wanted anyone to see this to pls. request... More »
Julie - If this last post offended the policies pls remove. My best intentions where not to do this but q... More »
Jacqueline - Julie, no worries, I don't think you broke any policies here. :-)
Dave - Yeah, I get all those lovely goodies as payment...sod cash, nosh wins...especially if its chocola... More »
Sarah - Maybe not satisfying, but...just drink in the feeling of knowing you're doing good to your body!
Jenny - I feel for you! Ive tried so many different healthy suggestions. I think everybody's body is tota... More »
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