Jacqueline @jholly

Blunsdon Saint Andrew, United Kingdom

Mother, Artist, Surviving life. Living with and scratching the itch.

john - i have jacqueline,i feel very lucky,they always show you the worst i find of anything when it co... More »
David - Is there a link for this Jacqueline ?
john - hello david, just go to google or write it in a tab and put in pictures of psoriasis then all the... More »
Paul - Aww bless ya Jacqueline i really feel for you hope it gets better soon.?
Dave - Bad news Jacqueline, nightmare when that happens....don't mean literally...😉
john - oh dear, sorry to hear this jacqueline,i am so glad i dont scratch now, only occassionally and it... More »
Jason - I go into remission every time I can stay on my biologics consistently...insurance and such...but... More »
Susan - Never did have had remission. My autoimmune diseases were relentless and stayed with me. Some m... More »
john - i dont think it does clear up fully jacqueline with anyone,remission maybe a vast improvement com... More »
Gina - Yes I think that would be awesome. After all we need our own Spa LOL
Darceyjayne - Sounds like a great Idea! My partner gets a lot of pain in his shoulders but is too embarrassed t... More »
Cc - I would like to say that would work, but the fact is that those with psoriasis patches that bleed... More »
Dave - I was going to say...flippin life of luxury you have, we have to shovel our own on...lol.🤣🤣
Jacqueline - When she was younger she was less happy to oblige but soon did when I paid her a '£1 a Patch' (wh... More »
Dave - When needs must Jacqueline...why get it all over your fingers when she can instead....for a quid ... More »
C - And now penny has dropped ,, this is the same thing ,,,this site ,!
Sarah - Hi Jacqueline. I started using a diet / nutrition tracker a few months ago but there are a few pr... More »
Nan195 - No matter who started Flaym, if it's a Pharmaceutical Company, good for th and even better for u... More »
Dave - Hi Jacqueline, I have hit the button and messaged Flaym, I've already told Franck that this isn't... More »
Jacqueline - Yes, I commented to him too and also reported another earlier on who keeps saying 'sex'. Noticed ... More »
Dave - I reported the same one as you too, agree, the "Lightly clothed" ones are indeed popping up every... More »
Jacqueline - Jessica - so far my 14 year old has escaped it. But then she could still develop it when older, l... More »
Jacqueline - Yann, Il s’agit d’un groupe de personnes atteintes de Psoriasis, pas un site de rencontres. Vou... More »
Jacqueline - ....Et je n’ai jamais été divorcé 2 fois??
Nan195 - Thank You Jacqueline I never knew 😊 🌹
Julie - Pruritis....itching. My Dr put it as one of my diagnosis, a long list
john - indeed i do jacqeline :)
Dave - I got the tip from you Jack over on Pblob, back in the day....forgot to add the damp skin bit..lol
Pooja - I have used Vaseline petroleum jelly for very long time it's moisturizer my PS but it's doesn't ... More »
Charmaine - Yep, only use vaseline now after spending so much on other creams and moisturisers. P does not di... More »
MishLyn - I am a Taurus as well 💖
Charmaine - Scorpio.
Cc - Same as you. Scorpeeeyo! We rock!
Cassierose - Cara Delevingne
Susan - I know the 2 you mentioned. I think Cyndi Lauper too. Can't remember. Yeah, we would help thos... More »
Ghulam hussein - Your work is so great help people.
Kathryn - Love it
Sarah - Haha! Good one to have up your sleeve, Jacqueline
Nan195 - This had been a very good Post and the comments good too. P is such a complex disease that affec... More »
Mickg48 - Hi everyone this is the second time I will try to send this I have posted an article on fb if you... More »
john - i found you mick, you are the first to come up,grooovy glasses :)
Sarah - So poignant! And quite uplifting :)
Nan195 - Wonderful, thank you Jacqueline 🌹
Nan195 - Always, thanks Jacqueline 🌹
David - Tried your curry pasta last night and it was lovely ! Had more for breakfast !
john - sounds wonderful david, i used to do curry pasta in the past,dont think i can hold anything down ... More »
Sarah - Hehe Jacqueline, if only we could actually tell our meds what to and they would listen!
Susan - Jacqueline you are quite funny. I bet your friends have a blast with you. That's the neat thing... More »
Jacqueline - Susan, ha ha! - the curried pasta came about born of necessity. I had zilch in my kitchen cupboar... More »
Dave - Got to be honest Jaqueline, I love curry, nice and hot too, but with pasta, it sounds so wrong it... More »
Jacqueline - Hello Janice - I think your dermatologist was incorrect - I definitely got pustule psoriasis on m... More »
Janice - I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic cream about 3 years ago which covered by entire body,... More »
Nan195 - Bleach especially and any harsh cleaning agents upsets my two patches and a few days later the pa... More »
Jacqueline - I wish we could edit our posts - I meant that *and* instead of 'any'.
Annette Gill - Meant to say menopause not menapause!
Susan - Jacqueline I am so sorry to hear that. Menopause is a bitch... Been there. Not flares, but the ... More »
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