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Professional nanny, love to read and shop, mommy to the two best fur babies! πŸ’œπŸΆπŸ’œ


john,Hulk - i use a bit of coconut oil on them or aqueous cream jill
Deleted account - I use bio oil
Brenda/joy - Have you tried Vaseline sometimes it helps
john,Hulk - hello jill,i drink filtered water now as i used to drink bottled water from the supermarket,too m... More Β»
Janice - 2 litres of bottled water per day.
Deleted account - Some, probably not enough....more in summer than winter.
Nan195 - Hi Jill, good Post. When BP rises so does the Temp of your body and that combined with the Meds ... More Β»
Naomi Nel - My psoriasis also started after I started to use High blood pressure meds. Our summer season is s... More Β»
Janice - I had psoriasis for 50 years before I was put on meds for bp. I also had psoriasis for 40 years ... More Β»
Roy - Glad you had a great day Jill, I need to learn how to control my stress... lol
Jill - Thanks, Roy....it was a great day. I'm pretty sure most of us need to learn to control our stres... More Β»
Janice - Sorry to hear your stress levels are high at the moment Jill. It is always great to spend time wi... More Β»
Sarah - Oh Jill :( i hate how we can just do a u turn so quickly from good skin to bad skin. If you can, ... More Β»
Deleted account - Aw Jill :-( I hope you'll be feeling much better by the time you read this...I've got crock pot ... More Β»
Jill - Thanks everyone....just feeling pulled in so many directions. No tears left to cry honestly.... ... More Β»
Edvin - I have scalp psoriasis
Roy - I have plaques on my elbows, right leg and thigh, on my belly and now on my back..
melissa - I had on my scalp ,both arm,both hand.. i noticed my leg started break out
Mishlyn - I haven't been able to have a good solid sleep either. I wake up quite a bit through the night an... More Β»
Carol - I have trouble sleeping at night also. I've always blamed it on my painful Neuropathy. Who knows ... More Β»
Adan - I've always had trouble sleeping but ever since I've had Psoriasis it's gotten worse. I feel like... More Β»
Kim - I have no idea. It's not something I have explored. I'm doing ok with what I eat so I guess I mus... More Β»
Janice - I have no idea, I have not tried gluten free items.
Susan - Probably gluten is a problem. I just say don't have bread. Period. I make a quinoa bread if I ... More Β»
Mishlyn - Wishing you great luck Jill!! πŸ’œβ˜Ί
Shawn - Jill - the dermatologist will always be there if you decide you need them - but I agree with John... More Β»
Susan - Good for you Jill... You'll show them!!!
Shawn - I haven't tried it but I say give it a try!
Susan - Jill I have not tried the oil. I'm pretty lucky though as mine is pretty much gone with my lifes... More Β»
Joseph - HI Jill, My friend is actually a Rep. for Hempworx and I can confidently say that the product wor... More Β»
Mishlyn - Good Luck Jill!! I hope it works well for you! 😊
Susan - As well as altering what goes in my mouth...
Mrita - Initially i was embarassed by this problems and by My self. Now i want to feel better, i am stron... More Β»
Janice - I am not aware that it has, but I do remember when I was 11 years old I refused to go to my neare... More Β»
Jennifer - I ordered some, but it didn't make it to me, and was returned... I'll try ordering from a differe... More Β»
Jill - It definitely has an aftertaste!!! I added an extra organic peppermint bag to my tea....it was p... More Β»
Susan - I drink pure Moringa powder EVERY day! I swear by it. Mine is much stronger than the tea though.
Deleted account - Reason been head has lots blood vessels, so lots of supply ,I shave head some times miss time and... More Β»
michael - I recommend a lotion called Diprosalic for your hairline and scalp. It worked for me ans cleared... More Β»
Shawn - Walking, music, working in the yard, taking the dogs for a walk - and although I don't partake no... More Β»
Alan - Getting away from the kids and the other half helps (ha ha) you need you time even if its an h... More Β»
Susan - Walking and my music... Meditation too. Exercise is always the best thing for me but I really d... More Β»
Phil - A & D ointment as a kid. Greasey and stained my pillow case. But it worked.
Sarah - Me yes currently having great results for guttate torso pso with vitamin d analogues
Jill - What kind do you use, @sarah?
Diana - Have you ever tried listen to sleep CD, they helped me alot.
Trina - I am so sorry you are having such a stressful day. I hope things are better for you today and you... More Β»
Jill - Thanks everyone....just trying to trudge ahead.... πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Sarah Clark - I don't think I can be without my coffee but would defo try too if it would help clear my psorias... More Β»
john,Hulk - hello sara, i do decaf with honey black as an alternative,being english i loved tea, but, i cant ... More Β»
Catherine - it can as with coffee I think it is the high acid levels that aggravate it I gave it up totally b... More Β»
Zoe - Legs!!! Can't shift the patches! I've had light therapy and that was the last patch to go. But fi... More Β»
Chris - Always the way with me you see an improvement and think getting there then appears again !
michael - My legs outbreak the most and cause me pain to walk.
Jill - A yummy new recipe that I made that does not cause my P to flare. 😁
Deleted account - Jill u must send please
Jill - Sure! Cook 1lb ground chicken (I used chicken thighs,) 1 chopped sweet onion,2 chopped garlic ... More Β»
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