Jill @jillianjiggs

Pittsburgh, PA, United States


Diana - Not greasy is a really nice thing. Where did you purchase the cream
Jill - I purchased it off of Amazon. It smells nice....and is not expensive!!! :)
Shawn - Jill - also interested to know if you have positive results. For now I'm using organic coconut o... More »
john - great though isn't it Janice,i wish I knew all this years ago :( :)
Diana - I say great improvement when I was gluten free and very little red meat and mostly organic for 3 ... More »
Janice - Yes John, I agree and feel exactly the same.
john - hello jill, i use alphosyl 2 in 1 shampoo , it has conditioner , been using it for years ,sorry ... More »
Messo - Am using biologics treatments
Messo - Am using biologics treatments from 40 months ago , but what kind I mean the brand name the doctor... More »
Mickg48 - Hi Jill I did ask my skin specialist about them and said I do not qualify as I'm not bad enough. ... More »
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