Jimmy @jimmy82

Edgewater, NJ, United States

Its not easy but only i can relate. Not sure what's worse having psoriasis or being an amputee... 😒


john,Hulk - hello jimmy,sorry its getting you down, have you tried changing diet/lifestyle changes or some ch... More »
Sarah - Hey Jimmy, it's such a rollercoaster living with p and so frustrating at times. There must be hap... More »
Susan - Yeah Jimmy we all are either there or have beat it... If you want to do the elimination diet in J... More »
Ray - Hi Jimmy I’m in New Jersey maybe an hour from you
Lala - I am in Ireland but chat away here
Lynn - Im in PA jimmy but I dont go far from home 😕
Deleted account - Wish I was closer Jimmy. I wasn't patient enough for diets and pills, found a no nonsense mechani... More »
Deleted account - If the limb lose is military related I can give you some tips on how to get around the VA runaround
john,Hulk - hello jimmy,yes its what you eat in diet and also how you feel, the mind plays a role too thanks :)
Dex - That would be cool! Travel to all these healing waters like The Dead Sea and emerge yourself fo... More »
Mishlyn - Ohhh what an amazing getaway that would be! Our stresses would be washed away. Stay strong Jimmy,... More »
Susan - Never had it on my fingertips Jimmy. Maybe some good cotton gloves at night with aloe vera mixed... More »
Deleted account - tightness in the wrist will cause it . I have two broken ones right now...lol
Susan - Jimmy welcome to the site. You are going to love it! Lots of tips and lots of funny life things... More »
john,Hulk - welcome to flaym jimmy :)
Joan - Agree Jimmy, I feel amongst friend after only a couple of days joining.
Jimmy - @Susan yes i noticed right away after accident I'd get new p spots all over
Deleted account - Yes accidents Jimmy. I didn't realize it was PsA I was buying the results of the first injury wh... More »
Susan - Jimmy I think a trauma sparked my psoriasis at age 7. Family uproar and I was just a kid. The t... More »
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