Jon @jon2

London, UK

Had Psoriasis behind and in my ears and slightly in my scalp since 1998. Still can't spell Psoriasis though.


Susan - Jon I used it for years. My skin is very thin but I only notice when I bump up against something... More »
Sarah - Exactly as the others have said I think! My ears are a little thin skinned from steroid use, but ... More »
Cherryl - Thins the skin 👎🏻
Jon - Thanks John, I live in a village in North Hampshire. Curry looks great!
john,Hulk - Thank you,yes its not bad, i eat a lot of it too, well i did until i had to move, i will start do... More »
Jon - Tumeric arrived. Large glass of water with a heaped teaspoon added plus ground black pepper. Yum ... More »
Jon - Lol that sounds great. I will give it a try. Thank you!
Sarah - I am on the autoimmune protocol (AIP), I'm doing it for my psoriasis. After a period of strict el... More »
Nicola - Jon, mine is exactly the same as yours, only ears and a bit of my scalp. I put coconut oil on my ... More »
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