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Spotty since 1998. Writing about spots since 2012. I write about my psoriasis journey at


Susan - Oh dear Joni... I sure hope you find a solution and if you want to try the elimination diet, and ... More »
Nan195 - Maybe a 1% Cortisone Cream May help Joni and soothing aqueous Cream too. Take care and get better... More »
Sarah - Hi Joni, in the past I've had times like this where if you oil up it hurts, and if you don't, wel... More »
Susan - I get mine from LaSenza...
john,Hulk - how have been susan,its been a few days or more now, i hope all is well with you thanks :)
Ray - Hi Joni I checked out your blog. I’m curious to know if you are still using MetaDerm ? I’m thi... More »
Susan - Joni, not this momma... I went grey in my early 20's. I dyed my hair at the salon for years. I ... More »
Janice - I use a Wash In/Out colour enhancing shampoo, my greys are porous so it works for about 2 months ... More »
Gideon - Water only :D
Lynn - Joni, you should try find if the All Natural m/organic washes and skin care that are out there. M... More »
Lynn - Joni, you should try find if the All Natural m/organic washes and skin care that are out there. M... More »
danut - Is a good Solution, salt cave or salt sea, ex, Black Sea.
Jenna Kay - I have not. However, I have good luck with sea salt shampoos? LUSH carries a good one.
Joe - Minera dread sea salt company is pretty good
Psoriatic4good - I met one person who thought that, and she is reaaaaally special specimen of a homo sapiens (we a... More »
Angie - That's great! I've met people who thought psoriasis was a fungus until I educated them.
Psoriatic4good - She is uneducatial one :)
Psoriatic4good - It's hard, but try it just once, and You will be very relieved after the first shock that You act... More »
Stef - @Melissa, my first swimming pool with Pso, a little girl came to me asking me what I had then her... More »
Psoriatic4good - Arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh... I'm so sick of hearing that kind of stories. Honestly I look where are ... More »
Nan195 - Lots of people are not aware of Psoriasis and they can mistake it for something as y... More »
Joni - @lynnie he apologized right away and then we talked about what it was so now one more person know... More »
Psoriatic4good - @kirk... You Sir are very correct :)
Mathew - Yep my x used to call me snow flake
Denny Ann Christianson - Unfortunately Psoriasis will stay with us forever no matter what we do. BUT there is always somet... More »
Sandysandy - Try teatree oil and coconut oil it helped me it's almost gone and it's safe
Amanda - does the flu shot help you with this?
Joni - @trini I got a flu shot and unfortunately it didn't seem to help. Both of my daughters started da... More »
Janice - I look after my 20 month old granddaughter for approx. 10 hours every Wednesday, she goes to Nurs... More »
Gerard sweeney - Hi my skin bruises very easy since they put me on injections for psorissis I think the meds bring... More »
mani - sadly yes it does and i hate it
Ghulam Mohd Dar - same is the position on my hips and legs
Jack - I started gyming regularly a year ago and not sure if it has a direct affect on psoriasis, but an... More »
Ghulam Mohd Dar - Yes, wear and care is must for psoriasis.
Harold - Exercise is a good stress reliever so it should help; just be careful not to overdo it because it... More »
Psoriatic4good - Tell them to look away :)
john,Hulk - should had just warned them it might snow in a bit and have good scratch, :)
Lisa - I know how that feels!!
Psoriatic4good - Well... Wear that sunblock goddamnit! :)
Don - yes am getting some sun on my legs at the moment starting to fade xx
john,Hulk - yes of course, its the only way to find out :)
john,Hulk - this is my one night of madness in 2 weeks, i feel like i been a hermit :( after the experiment, ... More »
Andrew - Try three bottles next time, you might forget your name and what day it is, but i guarantee you'l... More »
Psoriatic4good - Blowdry with cold air setting ;) I'we once recieved that advice, and that is great after a sho... More »
Eftychia - I always do it, but always the snowflakes get worse :/
Holli - I thought I was the only one, but I feel like blowdrying helps... maybe it blows all the loose fl... More »
john,Hulk - glenn if you have arthritis associated aswell,i feel tired all the time,(fatigued) and most with... More »
Janice - I have never suffered fatigue until the last year when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, afte... More »
Pam - I have spent so much of the last week just sleeping, I agree with you Joni, it IS one of the most... More »
john,Hulk - side effects ,i think i will keep my scales :) its a choice though :)
Psoriatic4good - I choose My life :)
Ingrid - My off-the-wall treatment is Cannabis. No need to try another, it works.
Psoriatic4good - As I said before - overboard the cream, put some clear gloves over night and You will be fine ;)
Liz - Don't you all every get fed up putting cream on cling film etc taking meds blood tests being in p... More »
Nan195 - I found a Body Shop hand creme call HEMP the only one so far that seems to work to a point.
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