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London, United Kingdom

Due to heavy winds my DNA can be found in several areas across the world.

Tim - Hi Josh. I've been getting really good results around my eyes using tea tree oil with a Q-tip...... More »
Sarah - You should say, oo could you just get that for me and lean forwards and see what they do!
Shawn - I've had dark circles below my eyes my entire life and people love to say, "I can tell you are ti... More »
Janice - Mine started on my elbows and knees, one knee is now completely healed, the other is getting ther... More »
Susan - I'm stealing this! My mother ship is my hands. Oh my poor hands.
Charline - Mine is my lower back, in the shape of a huge red butterfly that loves to flake.
Andie - Hi Ya Paul,I have been using the foam, Please be careful it's not supposed to be used for more th... More »
john - hello paul. bet its a steriod foam?hope you are well? :)
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - The foam does have steroids in it but i dont think its based on steroids, either way ive been usi... More »
Beth - This has made me giggle so much!
Jennifer - I have it on my 🤚 and feet it's so hard to talk about it being in remission and has been for almo... More »
Chrisb - my ears get so blocked up with dead skin and wax that I have to have them microsuctioned every 5 ... More »
Carol - I have this problem my ears constantly feel blocked and uncomfortable drives me mad
Chrisb - Carol, have you tried your local NHS ENT department for microsuction, it's a bit strange & noisy ... More »
Niamh - Central heating is a nasty contributor, at least that's what I blame. I find my scalp flares up a... More »
Paula - Ah stop. I am in a hoop. Major flare up 😢😢😢. Hope your bum is ok 😂😂
Madison - I get it on my hard and there already unbearable so dry and itchy 😔
Susan - Holy cow... That's great
Janice - Well done Josh, enjoyed the read.
Jill - Nice article, Josh. I appreciate your candor....and your humor. 😉
Sarah - I use that Oxy stuff too sometimes, Surcare just wasnt cutting it!
Christine - Say no more, molly...with all the flakes around us, even Santa will be fooled by it and he will c... More »
Honey - That would be awesome! My flakes will be happy to meet some other new friends(flakes) 😂
Andie - We should all meet at a Hoover Manufacturing Plant, And see if their products are as good as they... More »
john - 353 now,why anyone want to follow me haha:)
Susan - We follow anyone who needs support John. Also why wouldn't we follow you... You crack me up! LOL
john - gotta have some laughs now and again, I try not to now though,gives me jip in my hurnia ,could be... More »
Dave - Hi Susan, the baby petroleum jelly does motvtend to stay on the top like Vaseline, I have baby Va... More »
Susan - Thanks Dave. Yes we do have the Boots cream here in Canada. When my Jergens lotion runs out I m... More »
Bob - I have recently tried Childs farm moisturiser must admit calms the itching and the plaques seem t... More »
Kim - Oh yuk John!!!!
Janice - These comments have really made me laugh out loud, just love your sense of humour Mickg48.
Gail - Chihuahuas...two...very licky dogs. Worried when they are lapping at my spots covered in THC/CB... More »
Janice - She obviously loves you for who you are and has a good sense of humour Josh.
Josh - It certainly isn't my charm!
paul - sexy flaky
Dave - @flaym That's a great help, thanks very much....its also important not to encourage these people... More »
Jan - I just ignore the fruit loops they go away bored eventually.
Dave - Good for you Jan, keep em guessing!
Jan - As an ex cancer/chemo warrior. I found humour a great weapon. Now as a recent psoriasis suff... More »
Pamela - I love funny. Wish I known this when I took the train..priceless
Janice - Lovely attitude Jan@janthegran, sorry to hear you have been through so much but keep up the posit... More »
Stef - Need to clean my keyboard every week otherwise these are the keys which block.
john - hello josh, should wait until christmas to clean itout ,stand on a chair and shake it out aggres... More »
Ian - Iol! I work as a commodities broker, in Rockefeller center, I actually tip the maid that cleans ... More »
Josh - @molly - it was unbelievable!
Cheryl - Hope you enjoyed it anyway !
darren - Worth it I bet. Especially to witnesses the Foo Fighters set
Christine - Gathering all the flakes (full of DNA) from all the house, it could build an entire new me! haha
Genevieve - Try using a mixture of 50% organic glycerine and 50% apple cider vinegar - it stops flakes. Put i... More »
Nicola - I have to hoover my bedroom every day as even though its only my ears, I scratch them so much and... More »
Jose Antonio - But we always find our path and never get lost.
Gretchen - We all should get discounts for the robotic vacuums
Jane :) - I might end up pretending like Elsa and sing "let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore!" ... More »
adrian - My hairdresser knows that I have psoriasis so it is not a problem
Rodparis - I keep my hair short for a reason, it's thinning out and I can avoid hair dressers. I bought one ... More »
John - I went to a place once and explained that I had psoriasis on my scalp but it was nothing to worry... More »
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