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London, United Kingdom

Due to heavy winds my DNA can be found in several areas across the world.


Sarah - Bahahaaa Josh, good way to bag yourself some leg room... I was on the tube at the weekend and wow... More »
carol - Scratch and blow
Michelle - Lol! I think, if we have to meet someday, we will have one hell of a show and tell. Laughing all ... More »
john,Hulk - Haha, flakin ell, dont scratch your ears to hard josh , they might fall off ? :)
Kim - All my creams take up most of my 15kg. Ha ha
Lou - Lol making light of our condition seems to help. Since I'm probably the oldest here it seems my P... More »
carol - We could never get away with murder. We leave our dna everywhere.
Jayne - Well done on new job Josh x
Michelle - LOL. not unless we glad wrap ourselves Carol.😳
Heather - I love telling people who are rude to me about my skin, that Its my zombie camouflage or say man,... More »
Lou - I was getting out of the pool and someone said I'm sorry you have poison ivy.
Lou - I had someone say they were sorry I had poison ivy. I said I don't just the I was made.
carol - Lol, you should have glittered it up and put it in a locket
Sarah - Muhahaha! What a thoughtful gift. How kind! Was it the biggest flake you could muster, or just a ... More »
Michelle - Lol. Silly girls. well we could always laminate our flakes....
Rita - Looks like a lot of us are in the same boat! Lots of dry skin here too. Moisturizing like a mani... More »
Sarah - Hi Josh, welcome back! Flakin' around the Christmas tree... and now flaking into the New Year too... More »
Nicola - Hi 👋 I'm on dryannuary too, I've almost managed till now 🤣 I only crave it on days with a Y in 😂
Susan - Yup... Josh I don't have patches but very thin skin from steroid use. Bleeds like a bitch... LOL.
Liz - Or you catch the corner of a page, envelope or piece of paper in a cut!!
carol - That is so true. There are so many annoying things about P.
Susan - Goodness Josh. Funny, but not. LOL.
Janice - Life is too short Josh, enjoy it while you can and hope the consequences won't be to harsh. Wher... More »
Cherie - Sounds like you have a great sense of humour and enjoy life. 🎉
Robin - Omg people sometimes think I never sweep my house. Not true!
Nan195 - LOL Josh, you need a sponsored Kirby, take care 🌹
Robin - We should all get together and do a roomba study... they give us free ones and we give them glowi... More »
Mishlyn - Indeed George! If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see Meetups :D Have a look! ... More »
Sarah - Yes George! A host is all that is needed to make this happen!
Michelle - Well, should any of you would like to fly down to SA for a ginger and turmeric cocktail, then you... More »
Roleen - I have to hoover the driver's seat of my car more frequently than the rest of my car!
Deb - Lordy lordy! You're awesome Josh!! A bloke that knows how to use a vacum cleaner! Fantastic!! Wo... More »
Nan195 - Hi Deb, it’s a Kirby 🤣🤣🌹
Don - x2 with tim...once you focus on something that is uncomfortable, I find your mind takes over and ... More »
Nan195 - Sorry Josh, don’t scratch but try gently buffing with a soft sponge. Get better soon 🌹
Susan - I'm sorry. I have the same problem.
Deleted account - Any reason for that Josh or just a flare up?
Nan195 - Wishing you better Josh...will gentle dry skin brushing help 🌹
Andie - Tis the season to be flaky, Both myself and Husband are the same Josh A Case of you scratch my ba... More »
Nan195 - Come to SA for Summer 😀
Sarah - ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️
Afina - The cold makes mine feel better...if I have a flare up....
Caitlin - Croco-skin
L - Snake skin
Ewka - Skinitch sounds cool
Deleted account - Try walking around on your hands Josh....much easier to get rid of.....😂
Carolyn - Thanks John. No worries. I brush my hair standing in the tub and look into the mirror across fro... More »
Caitlin - Yeah I suffer with this issue. I Keep meaning to hoover it up and use it to sprinkle on ignorant ... More »
Harold - So I know the feeling. I every so often have a small spot of about 3mm right under my nose, like ... More »
Valeri - I have had people point out my flakes as something on my face or in my hair, too. So annoying! Lo... More »
john,Hulk - i been there valarie, i have moisturised my face as i had bad steroid withdrawl i had at the time... More »
Susan - I'm stealing this! My mother ship is my hands. Oh my poor hands.
Charline - Mine is my lower back, in the shape of a huge red butterfly that loves to flake.
Zumara - My mother ship is my scalp
Andie - Hi Ya Paul,I have been using the foam, Please be careful it's not supposed to be used for more th... More »
john,Hulk - hello paul. bet its a steriod foam?hope you are well? :)
Kay - The foam does have steroids in it but i dont think its based on steroids, either way ive been usi... More »
Deleted account - I have it on my 🤚 and feet it's so hard to talk about it being in remission and has been for almo... More »
Ewka - Everyday Josh
Ellen - I do lean ...but then I have oil on my scalp so the flakes stick on my hair ....aaarrrggghhhhhh
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