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Due to heavy winds my DNA can be found in several areas across the world.


john - oh dear,no one wants to think about that dave haha :)
john - my ex used to have a king Charles spaniel,very licky dog,he used to love licking between my toes ... More »
Kim - Oh yuk John!!!!
Janice - She obviously loves you for who you are and has a good sense of humour Josh.
Josh - It certainly isn't my charm!
paul - sexy flaky
Dave - @flaym That's a great help, thanks very much....its also important not to encourage these people... More »
Jan - I just ignore the fruit loops they go away bored eventually.
Dave - Good for you Jan, keep em guessing!
Jan - As an ex cancer/chemo warrior. I found humour a great weapon. Now as a recent psoriasis suff... More »
Pamela - I love funny. Wish I known this when I took the train..priceless
Janice - Lovely attitude Jan@janthegran, sorry to hear you have been through so much but keep up the posit... More »
Stef - Need to clean my keyboard every week otherwise these are the keys which block.
john - hello josh, should wait until christmas to clean itout ,stand on a chair and shake it out aggres... More »
Ian - Iol! I work as a commodities broker, in Rockefeller center, I actually tip the maid that cleans ... More »
Josh - @molly - it was unbelievable!
Cheryl - Hope you enjoyed it anyway !
darren - Worth it I bet. Especially to witnesses the Foo Fighters set
Christine - Gathering all the flakes (full of DNA) from all the house, it could build an entire new me! haha
Genevieve - Try using a mixture of 50% organic glycerine and 50% apple cider vinegar - it stops flakes. Put i... More »
Nicola - I have to hoover my bedroom every day as even though its only my ears, I scratch them so much and... More »
Jose Antonio - But we always find our path and never get lost.
Gretchen - We all should get discounts for the robotic vacuums
Jane :) - I might end up pretending like Elsa and sing "let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore!" ... More »
adrian - My hairdresser knows that I have psoriasis so it is not a problem
Rodparis - I keep my hair short for a reason, it's thinning out and I can avoid hair dressers. I bought one ... More »
John - I went to a place once and explained that I had psoriasis on my scalp but it was nothing to worry... More »
Doreen - Tell me about it
Harold - Good to see that we can laugh at ourselves too. It's not all doom & gloom after all. Today my joi... More »
john - i know that feeling harold, my neck has been stiff for 3 weeks now, is it my laying position or a... More »
Angelina - In our cuntry we have a solt lakes, when I visit it I see many peoples with psoriasis they are s... More »
Simon - I was told Dead Sea salt which you can get from most supermarkets can help ?
Tome - Josh, it is Epson salt. Just follow directions. It removes toxins. It takes 12 minutes to remove ... More »
Josh - It was happy hour! What else could I do
Psoriatic4good - You couldn't done anything ;)
john - yes i understand josh, its not your fault,it was the happy hour that did it haha :)
john - haha,look at it this way josh, you have a very clean flake free,dust free house after all your h... More »
Amanda - i know the feeling i have to clean everywhere i sit, rather irritating but at least the house is ... More »
Charlotte Bailey17 - Maybe draw a smiley on the floor full of dust with your pointy finger to cheer your self :)
Josh - It's a great excuse to scratch your butt in public...or is that just me?
john - haha,not a good place to have it josh i know, mine was bad on my back side a while ago,the girlfr... More »
Tony - No it isn't because it happens automatically. :-D
john - hello doreen ,think you have the giggles with all your laughing haha :)
paul - but its great when you dive into a swimming pool and every one climbs out , you get the pool to y... More »
Psoriatic4good - Change the place where You do Your hair. Once I was at local salon and the owner that cut My h... More »
Judith - Or Juice Plus, Arbonne or Something!
Christy - I know what you mean Josh, but the Body shop cannabis cream I have found really good for me. Or a... More »
john - i am doing trial and error though, it seems to be working with my skin anyway, my fingers are a b... More »
Chezpeers - Thanks John, I will give them a go, hope you all feel good, despite our itching!!
Veronica - Have a good night of sleep, at least 8 hours and drink lots of water
Rob72 - know how you feel bud and waking up in is bad too.
Psoriatic4good - Naaaaah... just dust it of and You are G2G :)
Aitch - Tell me about it! Shirt off, vacuum cleaner on...
Chrisb - so do sun ray lamps work ? surely the scientists must be able to figure out the parts of sunlight... More »
Charlotte Bailey17 - It would be fun to go to the beach and pretend like I am Wonder Woman...Summer is here and I alre... More »
Tom - In 1.5 months I'll be on Crete for 1 month. Hope i'll do me good and my P bad ;-)
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