Jennifer @jujubee

Carson City, NV, United States

Work as quality assurance in a machine shop, mother of 2, living with psoriasis for 9 years... But my life is full of family, love, and laughter 😏


Sarah - Delicious! I wish I ate tomatoes!
Mishlyn - Thanks for sharing Jennifer! :D
Michelle - Thank you for sharing Jennifer. Do you perhaps have a recipe for salad dressing? something with g... More »
Michelle - One can understand that children are very honest and they are new souls on this earth. We can't ... More »
Susan - Aww Jennifer... That's a tough one...You did a good job explaining it though and the apology was ... More »
Jennifer - Thank you susan 😊
Deleted account - Thank you Jennifer...I'm look into it :)
Deleted account - I meant to say or type :P "I'll " look into it
Crystal - I saw a few of them! They were pretty good!
Marie - Keep us posted how it's going for you. Also are there side effect from using milk thistle? Than... More »
Bev - It is definitely helping me with the bloating or its the cleanse diet as I'm on that as well
Sarah - Yay Bev great that your bloating is easing! Could be the cleanse...
Michelle - I agree with you Nan. Loving oneself will make us happier and we will accept our condition. With ... More »
Susan - Shout it out there Nan! WTG! Loving ourselves is a process of acceptance. You are right Nan...... More »
Nan195 - Touché Susan and Michelle👏🏻🌹
Sarah - That's amazing! Did you make any other changes or just introduced the capsules? Fantastic, thanks... More »
Jennifer - Thanks guys😊 yes John the capsules are easiest for me, and Sarah, I had relief from diet changes ... More »
Shawn - Love Dr Axe!
Jennifer - Thank you Sarah, I basically cut down on gluten, eggs, and avoid preservatives and addatives.. I ... More »
Nan195 - All the best Jennifer, it's so exciting ❤️🌹
Mishlyn - Amazing Jennifer! I am so happy to hear this! Well Done & Enjoy!!
Jennifer - I don't know if it's necessary but if it's working for me now, why not? Plus I love to bake so it... More »
Deleted account - Hi Jen, yes tomatoes are a classic and anything from the capsicum family too, also avoid anything... More »
Jennifer - Thank you Dave, I'll keep that in mind 😊
Susan - Shawn you are right. When you start to do research you will find pros and cons. It is a great i... More »
Jennifer - Thank you for the tips and encouragements everyone, I will keep a positive outlook and try a food... More »
Jack - There is a lot of conflicting info out there, BUT there are also tonnes of anecdotal reports wher... More »
Jennifer - Thank you, day 2 hardest part is just not taking things people keep offering me lol it seems rude... More »
john,Hulk - i know what you mean jennifer, when i first started, i was given chocolate cakes which i had to t... More »
Jennifer - You know, the funny part to me is watching everyone react to sugary foods lol and I have to same ... More »
Nan195 - Hi Jennifer, I have to watch what I eat too. My treat of Brown Rice Cakes drizzled with honey, d... More »
Jennifer - Thanks guys, just having such a great skin day thought I would share 😊
Mickg48 - Oh I wish! I eat very healthy foods, junk foods are maybe once every 6mths the only thing I stay ... More »
Ra11 - Hi Jennifer, maybe you can try simple stuff like going for a walk and getting some fresh air in d... More »
Jennifer - Thank you Ra11 I do actually get a good amount of daily regular and small amounts of exercise bet... More »
john,Hulk - me to,well wasps are my nightmare and this year,they are big and more aggressive,german wasps the... More »
Psoriatic4good - Zi Germans :)
Jennifer - Strangely enough it was a lady bug lol I was driving on the freeway so I didn't look right away u... More »
Kim - Hi Jennifer. Be careful which treatments you choose. Look at long term side effects first. Good ... More »
Jennifer - Thank you that's why I haven't tried any yet... Kinda Scarry...
Nan195 - Get better soon and take care 🌹
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