Julie @julie8888

Myrtle Beach, SC, United States

Psoriatic arthritis, RA, etc, but life is good love my family and little Roxi my dog.


Shar - Awesome!
Mishlyn - That is really great to her Julie!! :D
john,Hulk - great news julie :)
Sarah - That's great Julie, hope you're finding the app helpful! Ouch, hope the scrubbing isn't too sore.
john,Hulk - hello julie, yes hobbies are a good focus etc, takes the mind away from the condition a bit and a... More »
Sarah - Hi Julie, great idea to focus on the things you can do, and not the things you can't. I do that t... More »
Susan - Good morning Julie. Hang in there. You are so right when you have a great doctor. Mine is pret... More »
Mishlyn - Hello Julie :) I am happy to hear you have a good Dr! Good for you trying to stay positive. It ca... More »
Julie - My budget is right right now but I'll be getting the moringa just as soon as I can. Great advice... More »
Jeri - Julie, I am glad you had such a productive and fantastic day! Way to win at this life!! :)
Christ - My day is fine Julie slept well?
Julie - Real good Christ. I woke to weedeaters blazing. It was almost 11 so not complaining. My house e... More »
Susanne - One more tip. It is risky to try and treat Sjogrens without medical help. Sjogrens has no cure an... More »
Julie - Thank you Susanne, i was dx two yrs ago. Had the PSA Dx at 30 and everything changed after my nec... More »
Susanne - Julie, I do have dry eyes all the time, 20 yrs of it. The medicine that was developed for Sjogren... More »
Don - I'm hoping you all the best...other members here can help you through this condition,...they embr... More »
Julie - Thank you Don. I am having a hard time accepting my limits and the long term outlook. I had nec... More »
Julie - Good morning, and thank you new friends. The nice replies are most appreciated, thank you. I u... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Julie! So pleased you're finding Flaym so helpful, me too!
Roxanne - It is a nice place to come to and chat with others that know what this is all about.
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