Jullie @jullie

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Kim - Welcome back.🌞
Mickg48 - Good to hear from you again missed your chat popped my back out on Saturday but my p is slowly cl... More »
Susan - Julie hope you had a great time. I actually thought you were making joke... Flaunt your stuff s... More »
Eileen - Mineral liquid foundation is a good treatment and camouflage also dead sea mineral wipes for clea... More »
Michael brown - Try wash your face everyday and if you can get 🍋 to wash the face before you sleep it's the best ... More »
Azizi adnan - i use diprosalic lotion.. it does help slowly..
Sarah - I have 2 grown up children and so far neither of them show signs of having it, however, I didn't ... More »
Deleted account - I have 3 boys, one girl, all grown up. My youngest son has it, my grand daughter by a son who doe... More »
Marianne - None of my four children has it. It often skips a generation... One of my grandchildren has a m... More »
Andie - welcome jullie. Hope you find this site helpful.
Andie - welcome jullie. Hope you find this site helpful.
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