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Southend-on-Sea, UK

I can do strange bends with my middle fingers!


Jen - Ours in Nth QLD are always liquid unless kept in the fridge.
Justin - Greg, when you fry with it, the heat melts it
Doris - I started having a sensitivity to coconut and coconut oil. So I stick with olive oil, avocado oil... More »
Sarah - I have just made a whole load of turmeric paste which I put melted coconut oil in, and I spread w... More »
deborah - What do you do with the C oil! I tried it and I hated the smell. Just couldn't get over that. It ... More »
Justin - I have been using coconut oil for ages and I now, cannot smell it!
Michelle - I don't measure my turmeric intake. 1 teaspoon every morning with cooled down boiled water and I ... More »
Justin - I put some fresh Turmeric in my morning smoothie and also take a Turmeric capsule!
agb - Sounds yummy. I will add to my lentil soup
Michelle - Thank you Justin. I've read about people going there to get treatment for their P and it sounds g... More »
Justin - I was a Uni. student, so I was living on an extreme budget. I paid a small amount to get there... More »
Michelle - Thank you Justin. Sounds great!
Mishlyn - try adding some tea tree oil or lavender to it.. or both! :)
Rosey - Or Vaseline ,stops rubbing burn on inner thighs,so tender there,or curash a baby cream,
Sarah - Too slippery for me!
Justin - I felt just like a new man after the Chinese massage!
Justin - Acupuncture has been around for more than 2 thousand years, so there must be healing in it SOMEWH... More »
Jen - Acupuncture has helped me a lot with neck shoulder and hip pain. You usually don't feel them goin... More »
Michelle - I should really try the coconut. Everything sounds so delicious when you guys mention coconut. I ... More »
Fluke - CAREFUL WITH THE TOPICAL COCONUT OIL!!! Permanent use will block pores and keep toxins inside th... More »
Justin - I use coconut oil daily BUT ONLY IN MODERATION!
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