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London, United Kingdom

Nothing funny about me, I'm just quite average...


Susan - Oh dear Karin. I wonder what's going on? Are you afraid that it's not psoriasis and something w... More »
Sarah - Hey Karin, that is so weird you say that! I have been having a flare on elbows and knees (not sca... More »
Karin - Thank you all for your supportive and thoughtful responses! I think this may be a physical effec... More »
Susan - Jenny I like that too! Any salads I love. Not pasta ones or potatoe salad. There's this cool r... More »
Jenny - I'm the same as you. Don't eat the pasta or potato salads. Love spinach. Your salad with walnuts ... More »
Susan - Jenny I love chatting food. I never have pizza and make the cauliflower base one alot but I have... More »
Deleted account - Just re read your post Karin, it makes an excellent base for anyone starting to clear up their sk... More »
Jenny - Hi Karin. I see you also love avo's. I eat almost daily. My skin is under control since on meds f... More »
Jenny - I also put tumeric in my egg every morning. Have Omega 3 every day. Also Cayenne pepper. Also mix... More »
Michelle - ****Ramble Alert! :D lol**** That is the most frustrating of all--knowing that there ARE cures... More »
Deleted account - it's on the back burner anyway compared to diabetes, parkinson's and alzheimer's . Compared to ot... More »
john, DARTS VADER - thats how i described my skin disease years ago,how did you get it, bad blood as my mother had ba... More »
Jill - Yes, please! We all like to hear what has (or has not) worked for fellow warriors! :)
john, DARTS VADER - hello Karin, welcome to flaym thanks :)
Vanessa - I'm all ear's.
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