Kathryn @katrsssbrown

Indianapolis, IN, United States

I lost my son in Aug of 2015.. That is when the psoriasis really went crazy.. I haven't been right since then( although,my family would say I have never been right :-)).. Honestly, It was a powerful trip learning how to live without my son.


Susan - Marie sorry for your loss as well. Unfortunately death is part of life and that circle. It's a ... More »
Judy - So sorry for your loss.
Fran - Thank you.
Jill - It's very frustrating....but we are all here to help and support you! 💜
Val - Yes we are like one family here.
Missy - I hear you Kathryn . I gave up on trying not to be stressed out and now I feel like I have less s... More »
Jullie - Sorry to here this Kathryn . My thoughts are with you as this is a very slow and painful process... More »
Jill - So so sorry for your loss. Stress is definitely a trigger for us. I'm sure your skin is paying ... More »
Chris - Hi Kathryn , mine started when I lost my dad x
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