Kelli @kelli55

Sunbury, PA, USA

Mother of 2, Nana to 2 precious boys, and nature and wildlife geek.


Rosey - And yes some of us need pain relief and still soldier on as only masks it for a short time
Kelli - I actually trust my rheumatologist a great deal. I have chosen to try the biologic because I don’... More »
Rosey - All drugs are bad ,but we need what we need atm can't go without pain relief for more than a day ... More »
Kelli - That sounds very scary!
Jayne - So sorry that is not working for you Kelli. I have been on a biologic since June and my skin is 1... More »
Kelli - Thank you Jayne
Kelli - Thank you Susan, I’m much better.
john,Hulk - Welcome back Keli , glad you are much better :)
Kelli - Thank you, John!
Kelli - Chris, that did make me laugh, you were pretty brave. Lol
Kelli - Thank you Eva
Kelli - Thanks Susan, I’m in PA and the weather today was very nice.
Susan - Kelli I also had the experience of greasy tar crap on my scalp, shower cap on overnight, wash in ... More »
Kelli - I had to do the same thing with the tar shampoo and I have a school picture from when I had to us... More »
Susan - Kelli I have a few pictures like that too. I also grew up in poverty on a mountain out of town. ... More »
Kelli - Thank you Michelle and Sarah
john,Hulk - Hello kelli, seems a lot of us get it on varying degrees,i hope its not bad for you , mine is mil... More »
Susan - Welcome Kelli... Fun site, jokes, tips for healing, itching, whatever... It's a great support no ... More »
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