Keturah @keturah1

Mishawaka, IN, USA

Dang near the only one in my family with skin issues


Michelle - Hi Keturah. Have you spoken to your dermatologist about this? I'm quite surprised your face goes ... More »
Keturah - I’ve struggled with hyperpigmentation since I was young. But never had it been raised reddish dry... More »
Sonia - I always find when I go away and come back, especially on a plane, I’m soooo dehydrated. It’s li... More »
Michelle - You have to remember that climate plays a big role in out P. Lol could be because it wants to be ... More »
Keturah - Did not realize that it auto corrected but yes it is the cold weather. I've upped my water intake... More »
Keturah - I'll have maybe 2 good days where they dont itch but the peeling gets too be too much And they f... More »
Rosey - My legs are same,inflamed for wayyyyy too long,so got a special cream yesterday , special cause t... More »
Lynn - Keturah, I had a bad underarm outbreak this summer & I think it was caused by shaving & then usin... More »
Jen - Hi Keturah. You could try to apply yogurt nice and cold from the fridge. Also coconut oil with ad... More »
Keturah - I know I'm going to have change things in my lifestyle but I just don't know what to change. I've... More »
Jen - That's a great start Keturah! You are doing well for your P. Have you checked out the diet sectio... More »
Dakeyras - Good luck and best wishes lass!
Rosey - Keeping busy is good Keturah,glad u don't have the exhaustion that p brings along with some,your... More »
Jill - Tomatoes seem to flare me, sadly⚘
Rosey - I replaced the one tsp sugar with artificial sugar in coffee already lost weight ,go figure
john,Hulk - I dont flare,just winter it gets worse but not bad at all,artificial sweetners are not good but,... More »
Sarah - Sounds so sore, I hope it will improve for you x
Keturah - Some days are just peeling then other days are peeling with soreness. I just don't know what to d... More »
Michelle - Your P burning? Inflamed? I don't get that anymore Keturah. Before I started drinking turmeric, ... More »
Catherine - Organic hemp oil scalp mask. Read reviews and tried it. You must be consistent and its hard to sh... More »
Catherine - I used to use that shampoo!! But now I use whatever shampoo and then follow it with diluted organ... More »
Deleted account - Hi Catherine, do you shampoo and rub the apple cider vinegar after you wash it, do u apply while ... More »
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