Yolandi @lala07

Cape Town, South Africa

I am a weird girl with a special skin. I love making friends and proving to people I'm perfectly imperfect


john,Hulk - Oh And welcome to Flaym Yolanda, great to have you here, plenty of good ideas to deal with stress... More »
Sarah - Good to see your post, Yolandi! Stress is terrible for my skin. Instant reactions to intense stre... More »
Michelle - I agree with Sarah. Stress is no good. Trying to stay calm is a 50/100 but don't let it get you ... More »
Yolandi - thank you all of you for giving me a new perspective on my sickness.
john,Hulk - Hello Yolanda, your welcome ,do you look at psoriasis as a sickness?i never have regarded myself... More »
Cedric - Hi Yolanda ...it's not easy but you need to find yourself in a space whereby you can deal with it... More »
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