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Lauren - Just saw bruno mars he's awesome now can't sleep. About 2 am here
Lauren - Guess I do t psoriasis but eczema. Same symptoms still really itchy ๐Ÿ˜’
john,Hulk - off to work lauren, hope your day will be good to you ,glad you enjoyed Bruno mars :) glad you a... More ยป
Susan - Lauren same rule applies... Autoimmune... Start from the inside out. Cut out sugar, most fruits,... More ยป
Lauren - Thanks Susan ๐Ÿ˜€
Becca - Coconut oil or aveeno :)
Jane :) - coconut oil. :)
Sid - Try a urea based moisturiser. These seem to work for me. There are 2 types - 1 with 5% urea which... More ยป
...feeling frustrated Lauren @lauren

john,Hulk - me. too early , sorry you are frustrated lauren
Nan195 - Hi Lauren, Do things that make you happy and relax no matter what, get better soon and take care ๐ŸŒน
Nan195 - Don't be sorry, we do whatever we can to be happy. I enjoy Kenny Chesney as well as Alan Jackson... More ยป
Nan195 - When I feel fatigued I rest, meditate or find a wall and lie down on the floor with my legs strai... More ยป
john,Hulk - even if you have it mild, its still giving you grief,we are all different lauren, i have had it b... More ยป
Pamela - Me too......I am continuously moisturising throughout the's a real drag.......
Nan195 - All the best for a speedy recovery ๐ŸŒน
TravelRocker - Hey Lauren, it's the worst on hands I feel for you but am exactly the same cannot stop itching them
Ella - I got it like maybe early 2000, i didnt even know, now i jab myself once a works for my ... More ยป
Ella - Methotrxate,an injection.
santosh - Even it is annoying for me ... all over the face and too much itchy ... I am using proposalic NF6... More ยป
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