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Drivin crazy with severe plaque P!! Single Mum of 4,2 boys 19 and 16,2 girls 4 and 3.Was diagnosed with P when I was 10,approaching 40 now and still no treatment breakthrough.


Sarah - Argh seeing the coverage grow is so frustrating... Really hope something will happen to help befo... More »
Susan - leanne Clint has been posting alot about lemon juice. Might sting but everyone seems to say that... More »
Clint - Please use lemon 🍋 rub it on you may make the wedding with an up doo.
leanne78 - I have been reading a lot about diet etc since joining here and have googled it.I glazed over a f... More »
john,Hulk - Thats great Leanne78, it does pay off for sure, slow elimination is key to success, i never thoug... More »
Sarah - Leanne78, I think it is a tough thing to do especially if you are starting from a not so great di... More »
Mishlyn - Yoouch!! Oohh sounds so painful Leanne. Hope it is feeling better soon! What an odd feeling..whe... More »
Sarah - Argh gouging! That does sound so sore... try to train your brain not to gouge / scratch if you ca... More »
Sarah - Get a load of oil on those scalps Flaym lovelies! Your scalp will breathe a sigh of relief with t... More »
Julie - Thanks, Sarah, just done this, feels odd, but at least it's stopped itching !
Sarah - Oh yes Julie it is odd really but helps so much! And all natural. I know it is greasy but I think... More »
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