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Susan - Lela welcome back. I go on and off the past few months but don't feel like I'm in the loop. Yes... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Welcome back Lela, Sorry about your troubles, I do hope things will get better for you soon,Bless... More »
Jill - That is great, Lela! I use both salt and sugar scrubs in the shower....and they really help to r... More »
Michelle - That is fantastic Lela! I love your positive mindset! 😃
Susan - Good for you Lela. Saltwater, for me in the past when I had patches, was REALLY great for my skin.
john,Chewweeeeee - sounds good lela :) its been very hot in the uk for 3 days so far,too hot ,i been working, be nic... More »
Lela - thanks John, i know it will. have to be positive. good i'm coping with a depression set backs few... More »
Susan - Good to have you back Lela.
Lela - Thanks Susan...
Lela - Thank you Harold. That is so sweet of you...
Janice - Oh Harold what a wonderful thing to do for Lela, I don't know about lifting Lela's spirits, it ce... More »
Mickg48 - I have some Al Jolson as well and love his music well done Harold.
Michael brown - So sorry. It's really itching you? I think you had a stressed weekend
darren - I believe love is possible with someone with or without psoriasis if the connections there and it... More »
Gideon - maybe.. haha
Sharyn - Try Phenergan it helped me for years and it is not addictive at all take it at night about 1/2 be... More »
Cheryl - Hi Lela. Have you ever tried listening to sleep stories before you sleep. I have found it helps m... More »
Annette Gill - I take an antihistamine before bed. It helps me.....Good luck!
Coreene - Not me ! I have dealt with P and PSA for close to 40 years and will never just accept being tort... More »
erick - Coreene, I used to be in your shoes, believing psoriasis is a lifelong disease. The thing about p... More »
Gordana - It ll take a litlle time
Jenna Kay - Inverse psoriasis is awful. So much more painful for me.
Jenna Kay - I've found that wearing really baggy clothing helps a ton! as well as making sure I wipe it down ... More »
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