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I’m a mum of two teenage girls love music, art , films and just talking with my friends . Took fibromyalgia chronic migraine then psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis past 13 years which has left me unable to work . Everyday is a new challenge !


Jen - Hi Lesley. If you have a bathtub get yourself a bag of sea salt = poolsalt at your supermarket an... More »
Rosey - I remember that pain, I ended up getting cold tar compote and bathing in it then dusting off with... More »
Sarah - Hope it was a peaceful night!
Karin - I use an over the counter tar lotion. If you email me I can send you a link. It has different nam... More »
Ellen - Hi Karen ..I have sent you a message ....
Karin - Hello, yes, I have just responded. Let us all know if it helps.
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