Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

Dayton, NV, USA

Psoriasis is horrible in old age..wondering what Pharmaceutical company will ever help me buy the meds that would help me attain some form of quality of life??


Susan - Lindakay I can send it you if you message me. It's how I becgan my healing journey. It changed ... More »
Sarah - Hey Lindakay, that's a great choice to try out! There are loads of variations on anti-inflammator... More »
Sarah - I spread manuka honey all over my torso for an hour, this was last year. It was so sticky and thi... More »
Michelle - Did the vapo rub help Lindakay? I have heard many people mention it. Apple Cider Vinegar was unu... More »
Lindakay1948 - Actually the Vapo Rub did help and it stopped the itch instantly I still laugh about that one th... More »
Bunny - Lindakay, I feel your pain as I have it too. We have to hold on and just keep trying to see what ... More »
Jan - I have united healthcare and they are paying for most of my costs. I am having the light treatmen... More »
Bev - So glad the light treatments are working for you Jan
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