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Dayton, NV, USA

Psoriasis is horrible in old age..wondering what Pharmaceutical company will ever help me buy the meds that would help me attain some form of quality of life??


Stephen - Keep smiling x
Michelle - Happy new year to you too Lindakay and glad to see your'e back. That's my girl, keep smiling, lau... More »
Rosey - Great too see you back Lindakay,hope you get some relief in this New year. Cheers
Rosey - Oh u,do what u. Need to do,feel for you,stay strong Mrs,
Rosey - Ure not alone,ever
Michelle - Ah Lindakey, we all feel for you and know what you are going through. Best of luck and I hope it ... More »
Michelle - Free range is the best. My meat and my eggs are free range Lindakey. I'm glad for the improvement... More »
john,Hulk - Here in England i dont trust anything they say with organic or free range,unless you go to a loca... More »
Michelle - Europe is more advance than Africa. We still get nice clean food here. I'm actually quite surpris... More »
Lindakay1948 - Winter I shiver at the thought of Winter b/c I do get worse...its getting cooler here on the High... More »
Lindakay1948 - Bev stay Safe there in Cape Town...we need all P folks safe I send much love to you all always~~
Michelle - I got a few spits too in winter. Our P doesn't like the cold but I've learned to keep my P warm. ... More »
Lindakay1948 - Me too Rosey...I do know this they have developed a myriad of devices for the Blind I will make s... More »
Rosey - Lindakay really hope all goes well for you and you adapt ,you are strong and gorgeous ,sounds lik... More »
Rosey - Hey lindakay how are going?
Rosey - Winter here and still shaking the flakes but change is near ,Spring is in the air,fly away winter... More »
john,Hulk - Haha, 4 months to go and winter really hits us in the uk as it will for you in the USA Lindakay, ... More »
Michelle - Oh I love Jam Lindakay. Home made of course. This year is flying indeed. One of these days it wil... More »
Lindakay1948 - I raise Peppers in my Garden I make Hot Pepper Jelly for Christmas Gifts..I make red,yellow and g... More »
Michelle - Sounds awesome lindakay!
Lindakay1948 - Thank you all for your comments I just turned 70 and I don't feel 70 I hope that doesn't sound od... More »
Jannie - If you don't feel it's right for you don't do it. Doctors are all for peddling chemicals. I was... More »
Rosey - I want that injection,true,had lots of pain with p,shingles was a maybe as doc couldn't tell as w... More »
Jill - Lindakay, I live in the Tehachapi mtns....we have been experiencing grey skies and unhealthful ai... More »
Erica - Sending prayers for rain and protection, it is just horrible. So so devastating.
Lindakay1948 - Oh Jill Today has been my worse day ever so much smoke we haven't seen the crest to our Mountains... More »
Lindakay1948 - Two MD's and One Decent Referral later finally had the proper Diagnosis and honestly knowing what... More »
Michelle - I'm happy Lindakey. You are an amazing lady :)
Sarah - What an amazing post Lindakay... very heartfelt
Sarah - I still haven't tried Epsom salts Lindakay! I use grapeseed oil for my scalp and it is very sooth... More »
Lindakay1948 - I have found Cheap is great for me too I use ebay a lot seeking all stuff for P and usually with ... More »
Michelle - I'm going to look for the tar soap this weekend. Glad its working for you Lindakay. :)
Erica - My husband and I met before I was diagnosed, he never once made me feel there was something wrong... More »
Bev - I married the love of my life at 18. We celebrated 46 years this year. Our P only came late in li... More »
Michelle - Thank you Sarah. I love life and I intend to live up to 91 if not 200. lol.
Susan - Lindakay that's very cool. Yes, those kids on the spectrum are very inspiring. My daughter too ... More »
john,Hulk - No one , just me myself and i :)
Sarah - Happy Mother's Day Lindakay1948
Mishlyn - Happy Mothers Day! 💕💕
Susan - Hope you had a super Mother's Day as well.
Deleted account - That’s a brave thing to do for an autistic child ...good for him
Sarah - Thanks Lindakay1948, I should try it one day! I just get afraid I'll have bought some dodgy salts... More »
Susan - I hope he did well Lindakay. I love the Autism spectrum. My daughter is on it with Tourettes Sy... More »
Mishlyn - mee too Lindakay! We got another 4 inches of snow yesterday..almost seems never ending!! lol
Lynn - I’m right there with ya waiting on the warmth and sunshine!!
Mishlyn - Really nice to see you back Lindakay :) I am happy to hear cbd salve is helping you. Sorry to hea... More »
Lindakay1948 - Frankly I was still in the rice and pea stage not really sure what set me now just Probiot... More »
Mishlyn - Awww Bless you too Lindakay❤ that is the way each one if us should taclke it. Slowly bit by bit i... More »
Susan - Lindakay I can send it you if you message me. It's how I becgan my healing journey. It changed ... More »
Sarah - Hey Lindakay, that's a great choice to try out! There are loads of variations on anti-inflammator... More »
Sarah - I spread manuka honey all over my torso for an hour, this was last year. It was so sticky and thi... More »
Mishlyn - Did the vapo rub help Lindakay? I have heard many people mention it. Apple Cider Vinegar was unu... More »
Lindakay1948 - Actually the Vapo Rub did help and it stopped the itch instantly I still laugh about that one th... More »
Jan - I have united healthcare and they are paying for most of my costs. I am having the light treatmen... More »
Bev - So glad the light treatments are working for you Jan
Cindy - I am switching from employee insurance to Medicare with a Medigap policy and RX plan next month. ... More »
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