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Copenhagen, Denmark

Creative and positive but insecure because of having lived a life with bothering psoriasis.

Cheryl - What food supplements Ruben?
Ruben - Hey Cheryl, extra's you take next to food. For example, fatty fish contains omega 3, but you need... More »
Cheryl - Yes I take supplements now of Omega3, multivitamins - just wondered which ones you feel help p or... More »
Merle - How did you do that. I have it on my face aswell
Bonnie - I also got rid of mine for 6 months now using a reputable HEMP CBD full spectrum oil supplement. ... More »
Line - @merle19 the app won’t allow me to write the name of the creams, but try to check out the other a... More »
Line - @maggiec645 i got two different prescription creams from my derm. One for the body and another on... More »
Sarah - Yes Line, Flaym don't permit use of medication names.
Maggiec645 - That's awesome!!!
Ben - I'd be extra careful using products, they are typically just band-aids that can even make problem... More »
Sarah - There's a positive thought for the day, Line! That's great.
Andy - Hope they all work out for you!
Tessa Gray - Ikr! He was a new coach and he was staring so awkwardly at me in my swimming costume and then he ... More »
john,darts vader - its strange how people think isnt it,like yes its contagious so i am going to the pool to spread ... More »
Maggiec645 - Thank u Sarah...
Michelle - That is great that he is getting you in so quickly Line :) I hope relief and healing are on its w... More »
john,darts vader - thanks susan, i used my special chinese cream,made it better but, used very sparingly, i havnt us... More »
Steve - A lot of people are not that agreeable to putting Biologics in their system, but I've been on the... More »
Josh - Stay positive, you will find a solution
Sarah - The change is yet to come, Line! Psoriasis is such a wax and wane problem, hopefully the "wane" p... More »
Line - Thank you all, you are so sweet❤️❤️
Sarah - Hi Line, I see why your status on this post is sad. That is sad to think you are in pain when exp... More »
Line - Hey Sarah, i just moved a while ago, so I have to figure out a lot with new docters ans stuff lik... More »
Sarah - Sounds you've got plans to sort it out though in your new area, that's great. Hope the weekend wi... More »
Susan - You betcha it's hard Line. I think all of us can agree to that. You did go to work though so th... More »
Sarah - Line, that is hard. Like really hard. Is your derm supporting you with this? Are you getting good... More »
Percy - sorry to hear so Line, in that case of your skin id recommend 'CELLtone skin recover'. it'll fir... More »
Dwayne - Hope your doing a little better Line. Hang on there...
Sidhanath Singh - Don't scratch.... It creates spreading
Shar - Stress will make it worse. Hang in there! I have no qualms about telling my coworkers what's up. ... More »
dimidi - Thanks Line :) I will try it tonight ..Thanks again
Line - If anyone have tried this out, I would love to hear your experiences with it🙌🏼✨
Dex - Hey Line! The law of nature states everything has a vibration. Since everything is composed of ... More »
TRicia - That's where I am at now! I fund working in an office dealing with paper where the edges of pape... More »
Sarah - I think psoriasis at work is very hard to deal with, especially during flare ups... affecting int... More »
Line - Sarah: Exactly! It does affect the work so much, when my p is really bad it is so clear to me tha... More »
Laura - Sorry to hear that, but you have to understand children have no filter yet, and are very curious ... More »
Line - Yeah I know they are very curious and I understand! They only ask because they want to know what ... More »
Sarah - Children are such open books. My own little children ask me questions about my p and sometimes I ... More »
Line - Thank you guys and thank you Sarah! I moisturise my face so many times during a day, but it do no... More »
Cheickene - Salut à toutes
Sarah - Cheickene, hello to you. Our community language is english, please do share your posts with us!
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