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Sarah - Could well be! Psoriasis can be just about any old where. And I get the itch / burn in places whe... More »
john,Hulk - yes, you dont want eye problems thats for sure, psoriasis leads to other things believe me, when ... More »
Just Labs - I too have dry eye but thought it was part of my 'age' and having glaucoma. I use eye gel drops, ... More »
Mishlyn - I hope you can find some relief soon Lisa. Elimination diet was the best thing I could have done ... More »
Lisa - Thanks will try this what do I do with Apple cider plz
Mishlyn - Hi Lisa, I put it on a cotton pad and dab it in my skin that is not cracked or raw.(yoouch) It gi... More »
Ruben - Hey Lisa, I used to have about 3 large patches in my hair. Since taking vitamine B and Omega 3 th... More »
Sarah - Ruben, have you tried using the Autoimmune Protocol compliant sugars in place of the regular ones... More »
Ruben - Nope, I have maple syrup and agave syrup. Problem is that I'm too much in love with chocolate... ... More »
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