Liss @liss065

West Yorkshire Urban Area, United Kingdom


Rich - Not had any pain with people in ears
Ats - Not in my case
Sarah - Not for me, had ear plaque psoriasis 20 years but no pain inside ears Liss
Deleted account - Hi Liss...have you changed your diet?...are you under any undue stress? Anything on your mind you... More »
Deleted account - you can never go wrong with drinking more water than you normally do . Then music and dance a li... More »
Mishlyn - it can be so difficult in moments Liss. Try and keep strong and know that there is a pathway to h... More »
john,Hulk - hello liss, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes?, they may help you in the long term,... More »
Sarah - I haven't found anything that eases the burn but the itch is sorted out for me with oil soaks. I ... More »
Afina - I tried to send you a private message.....but it didn't work...hope you found some relief by now
Dianne - where do you get the dead sea salt?
Linda - Hi I have been enjoying reading the posts. I have just joined and it is great. Michelle I would b... More »
Laura - Can Epsom salts work on scalp ?
Lorraine - try Yiganerjing cream ,you can order it on facebook, it tingles for a few minutes after applying ... More »
Julie - I’ve started using diaper cream. It’s keeping the inflammation down and relieving some pain and i... More »
Pippa - Be careful with the Chinese herbal cream as it’s now been proven it does contain steroids! My low... More »
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