Lee @littlelee

Bristol, United Kingdom

A computer hacker / programmer and website designer. Only recently started getting mild but manageable symptoms of psoriasis over the last 2 years. Stress and anxiety seem to trigger it for me.


Michelle - Hi Lee. Well that's a good thing then when having psoriasis. Also dairy. Cut all dairy out and ra... More »
john,Hulk - Same thoughts as above, I wish you well Lee
Lee - Thank you so much for your advice. I've checked photos online mine looks less aggressive/inflamed... More »
Michelle - Well that's great news Lee! Just try to manage it and you'll be okay. :)
Nan195 - Hi Lee, fabulous news, all the best 😊
john,Hulk - i did look at pictures of dermatitis and it can look almost the same as psoriasis so,it was hard ... More »
jade - thats great news for you.
Kim - Ihave one shop bought coffee a day, full fat and no sugar. Apart from that I have decaf tea. It's... More »
john,Hulk - some changes or cutting back on certain things we enjoy that may not be good for us is better th... More »
Deleted account - @littlelee Ok Lee, I'm sure you will benefit from it. Been there had it, (PTSD etc) done the sp... More »
Mary - Thanks ?I will check it out.
john,Hulk - hello lee, i really am not sure if these things work or not,i do so many things with diet and vit... More »
craig - Hi there lee hope all is well Try vitamin B supplements it also copes and helps with strokes ..it... More »
Jennifer - Yay! It's amazing to to have your pain eased right? Especially without prescription drugs that ar... More »
Deleted account - @littlelee ...good to hear you are getting some pain relief at last Lee, long may it last!
Joe - Chinese herbs work great dor psoriasis a d jointbpain with acupuncture must find the right herba... More »
Jennifer - I love music, even if there isn't any playing I'm usually singing to myself. It definitely helps... More »
Nan195 - Music does it for me too. On UTube there's Strings 101 beautiful relaxing music to fall asleep wi... More »
Deleted account - Stress and anxiety definitely make it worse, best thing always is to have a diversion to take you... More »
Jeni - Thats good lee ,dead chuffed for you ,Dont do to much at once lee and enjoy yourself.
Jullie - That is so true lee that way your friends understand why you wear the cloths you where in summer ... More »
Nan195 - I agree...For the others where P has eroded their self image and confidence, they have my full co... More »
Deleted account - Totally agree Lee, I have it on my arms and legs, I wear work tee shirts every day, I work in cus... More »
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