Liz @lizzi

Rugby, United Kingdom

Had many skin problems had lots of treatment but only think that works is to chill and not let know it all,s pee you off 😠


john,Hulk - helo liz, I really don't know. I think I may have 2 types,which I wouldn't had known if it wasn't... More »
TAT - There are several types..There is a book called healing psoriasis gives all types with pictures..... More »
Liz - I was only asking how many forms of this skin issue
john,Hulk - hello liz, , I have never noticed , I seem to be on watch to see changes etc with anything now wi... More »
Susan - Virus... Hmmm. It's got to do with our autoimmune issues. I, actually had issues with my ears ab... More »
Kim - Hi Liz. Strep throat inflames psoriasis. It's the streptococcus virus that fires it up. My Dr alw... More »
Nan195 - Wishing you better soon. What we P friends need is a long sunny vacation on a tropical Island wi... More »
Janice - Hi Liz, have you tried soaking your feet in Epsom Salts, my feet are so much better since I start... More »
Susan - Liz have you tried a cleanse and diet change. I can send one to you privately if you like. I us... More »
john,Hulk - we all love each other here, its like a 70s hippy community here,all we need is some dodgy tobacc... More »
john,Hulk - xx glad you going to stay liz xx
Gerard - Chin up girl we need yur love👍
Pam - @Janice..pleased you had a chuckle :) that's what 'support' is all about xxx take care xxx
Dianne - Hi Liz - me too! So much rigmarole and red tape - absolute rubbish! good luck. D. Last
john,Hulk - hello liz, how are you,been a while ,hope you are ok? :)
Janice - Ibuleve max strength gel.
Liz - I've tried gel doctors given me morphine to help my knees but for Arthritis only anti-inflammatory
Liz - Why not something good anti-inflammatory are bad so I been told I take it cos it helps and I'm on... More »
hilary - Hi John - yes - how did you guess??? In a blizzard, in May. Just thought, the blizzard was a sig... More »
john,Hulk - haha, i am may the 13th too though i dont celebrate it and nobody knows eccept my girlfriend and ... More »
Ivy - I'm 21 :)
Deleted account - Me too Liz!! :-)
Psoriatic4good - Stop being old! :) JK... You go girls! Love You all :*
john,Hulk - apology accepted liz@lizzi :)
Liz - Yes need to look out for some
Flaym - @lizzi: We're actually looking into how to facilitate physical meet-up's in selected cities. It's... More »
Liz - Would be good if we had some cos face to face is so better than a 📺 cool I can't wait
Psoriatic4good - My doctor said once - there is about 300-350 kinds of psor, but I say there is as much as there i... More »
Liz - I think it's worse when on your feet as feet are use every day and if they get sore bleed crack i... More »
Gail - First, wear only leather shoes. Second, apply A&D ointment to your feet and wrap in plastic while... More »
Liz - Gail I've done the cling film on feet I've used very greased cream to my feet as soon as I stop i... More »
Pam - you'll never be lonely on here Liz xx and should you feel down in any way I'm sure one of us will... More »
Pam - Sorry Liz I didn't mean to press the smiley button, was going for the Love one xxxxx
Liz - Hi Pam I'm down in rugby the midlands that's yea it's confusing on ere but some great people 💋💋💋💋
Deleted account - Liz, what do you eat daily ?
Liz - Hi Shen I eat the normal toast in morning sandwich lunch time just dinner at night like pie mash ... More »
Ragazza - Liz, I'm booked as an owner of severe Psoriasis. My skin doesn't grow 7 - 14 - 21 times faster b... More »
Liz - Ragazza Look my dear I was saying I've never seen rich tv actors etc with a skin problem as for ... More »
Ragazza - @ Liz You have the right to do or not to do because it's your life Liz. I still keep an open ... More »
Liz - Snap my feet too welcome
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