Louise @loopylou

Telford, United Kingdom

Iv had psoriasis for 25 years


Mishlyn - I hope it passes for you soon too Louise! Happy to hear the cbd oil is working well for you! hope... More »
Michelle - Good luck Louise and I hope it gets better soon.
Sarah - Oo love to know more about cbd oil, how are you using it?
Jon - Just ordered the liquid gold, heard it can work wonders but didn’t realise you could get it in th... More »
Sarah - Sounds fantastic Louise! Are you taking it orally then?
Louise - Yes i take 4 drops twice a day i built up from 1 drop twice a day n added a drop each week till i... More »
Sarah - I haven't but I know people do! I read an article last week about this being the new trend in Ame... More »
Mishlyn - I have heard good things about it as well Louise. I use cbd oil for pain relief, but have not tri... More »
Jayne - I bought some yesterday - will let you know how i get on with it x
Stacy - I'm very itchy the last few days in the hot weather it's so annoying I'm tearing my skin in my sl... More »
Louise - I know how u feel hun xx
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