Lou @lou60

Winston-Salem, NC, USA

My dad was a psychiatrist and had a small patch of psoriasis on his L knee. When he retired it went away. I just found his and mom's wedding invitation. Dad died 2015, mom 2013 no psoriasis .


Maire - Hi i am maire and have sever psoraisis. I'm new to flaym. Would love to hear about the diet
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Maire! You can make a post on the Flaym news feed using the "write a post" feat... More »
David - Hope to put together a designer compound which is effective and will stay cheap (< $20 per month)... More »
Sarah - That's hard, finding something that helps you to have it taken away. Are there any other similar ... More »
Lou - Michelle, Tell me some natural remedies I'd love to try them.
Mishlyn - Lou, what I find is working best for me is the addition of probiotics and an omega 3 that contain... More »
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