Lou @lou60

Winston-Salem, NC, USA

My dad was a psychiatrist and had a small patch of psoriasis on his L knee. When he retired it went away. I just found his and mom's wedding invitation. Dad died 2015, mom 2013 no psoriasis .


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Vanessa @369tmdw

Richmond, KY, United States

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Debbie @debbie651980

Feltham, UK

Introvert, hate being the centre of attention!
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Susanne @SusiQ

Mesa, AZ, United States

I have five parrots. They keep me smiling.
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Karel @karel

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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Jack @psoriasisblob

London, UK

It was when a homeopathist told me to drink snake venom, because I shed skin ...
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Joy @joy126

Corvallis, MT, United States

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Brenda/joy @viking1967

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I am a senior, my psoriasis was treated in my middle to late 40's maybe if i...
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Peggy @paulsnextwife

Marion, IN, United States

I'm going to be Paul McCartney's next wife! (I dream this regularly...)
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Peggy @peggy5

Spokane Valley, WA, USA

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Brenda @brenda685

Marlow, OK, United States

I am proud mom and nana to four awesome grandsons !
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Illy @iliana

Usak, Uşak Merkez/Uşak, Turkey

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Joe @joedie

Nottingham, UK

I realy think to much about what others think of psoriasis who have no idea w...
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Alexander Bruce @bruce

Arbroath, Scotland, United Kingdom

I am known as Bruce as both my father and I were called Alexander. I discov...
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darren @bigd1982

Northampton, England, United Kingdom

38 years old - suffer from inverse P on my legs and arms, had this for 3-4 ye...
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