Lucie @lucie

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Unmarried and no children at 36, clearly I must be covered in scales or something under my clothes.......oh wait yes i am! ;-) but thats me!


Joel - Lucie we are all afflicted. Share it with us and we will greet it with the love that only people ... More »
Flaym - We are considering adding an image sharing feature. But images are tricky, because they need A LO... More »
Sarah - I think pics would need to be very well managed as some of the Facebook psoriasis sites are real... More »
Sarah - My only tip would be to get some sunshine (safely) on it if you can!
Harold - And along with the sunshine mentioned by Sarah, I'd add moisturise & have lots & lots of fun.
Annette - I stick to light material long skirts or dresses over my swim suit. When no one is around I can s... More »
Nan195 - Hi Lucie, nothing lasts forever. Time to have some fun by doing what pleases you. Lizards are b... More »
Sarah - Hi lucie, oo dear lizard doesn't sound good but hopefully it'll calm as quickly as it came! This ... More »
john,Hulk - hello lucie, has been a while. sorry about your skin,good to see you back here with the flaym fam... More »
Nan195 - Your Dr. Can prescribe something for you that will help. Be calm and relaxed, rest as much as po... More »
Cheryl - Sorry you have been having a rough time Lucie. I was going to suggest as Trish did using an antih... More »
Liz - Antihistamine will make you feel very sleepy I would see the doctor too
...feeling frustrated Lucie @lucie

gary - you can get it in LUSH
Lucie - Hi Irene! Not too bad today, I started a new off the shelf treatment and it stings like hell when... More »
Ineke - cape verde or west-Afrika it goes away sun and sea
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