Lucy @lucy182

Nuneaton, United Kingdom

My story. Born: year -1987 Year 2000 -psoriasis decided to keep me company. My lifelong companion. (Scalp tummy back arms legs) Year 2007- psoriatic arthritis decided to join the party. (Arm legs) Today- just living life each day at a time😊


Julia - So sorry to hear this Lucy. I hope the new biologic will be helpful. Care about you.
Lucy - Thanks muchly guys. You know when you just feel your living the Truman show Psoriasis addition. I... More »
Sarah - Oh no Lucy. So frustrating for you. Really glad you could bring your dermo appointment forward th... More »
Lucy - Thanks Michelle 😊 and bev 😊 I’m sure they will 👍🏻 keeping it positive ❤️
Julia - I am so happy for you Lucy it seems to be working. Maybe it takes a little longer for your joints... More »
Lucy - Thanks Julie ❤️❤️
Lucy - Won’t lie John it’s looking great and that’s only 2 lots of my loading doses. Joints feel a littl... More »
Nan195 - Hope you are feeling better Lucy ❤️ and hugs 🌹
john,Hulk - Good lucy, yes i have experienced things getting bad before they get better in my life with skin ... More »
john,Hulk - how are you today lucy ?
Lucy - I did really well today I was so blooming proud of myself. I just went in and thought I can do th... More »
Sarah - That's fantabulous, Lucy!
Gail - Stab in fat of stomach!
Michelle - lol Gail. That sounds so sore!
Lucy - Gail I think I’ve learnt getting the fat hurts less lol 😂 thanks guys. It went alright thankfully... More »
john,Hulk - sorry to hear this lucy,i hope you can get on top of it
Julia - Sorry to hear this Lucy go back to your GP and try the diet eliminate one thing at a time.
Mishlyn - what a runaround , sorry to hear this Lucy. Examples like this really leave the lingering questio... More »
Mishlyn - ohhhhh Susan & James!! Yes!! That sounds great!! Never thought about making a stock with it! Sara... More »
James - John, I always season with a little salt. After that would depend what I'm eating it with. Talkin... More »
john,Hulk - thank you james, yes i was thinking of looking into rock salt, as i dont eat much salt at near no... More »
Beth - Feel better!!
Deleted account - Lucy , You will more than likely have to contact them to find out about the culture growth , as... More »
Mishlyn - I hope you are feeling better soon Lucy!
James - You might want to skip the teddy bear under one arm and the hot water bottle under the other.
Lucy - I think it’s worth a shot. That’s the plan, sometimes it’s a right mission to get dressed. 😂 ohhh... More »
Sarah - Love it! Hope she falls for it!
Lucy - Oh we definitely take advantage of the times we go against the rules. We still need to enjoy ours... More »
Brian - Is it alcohol in general or the type of alcohol you drank that caused the flair up?
Sarah - Ah Lucy, the weddings are flare-fest I agree! I went to some in the summer, and the drinks starti... More »
Sarah - Insomnia is so terrible. It's one thing when the itch keeps you awake but it's another when you k... More »
Lucy - Cheers guys. I’ll see what I can do. Brian, I reckon the husbands snoring doesn’t help with quiet... More »
Petra - Get the prescription melatonin if you can. The non prescription stuff isn't very good.
Lucy - so today I just signed paperwork for the injectables company and have to wait for the home deliv... More »
Sarah - Glad you're on the road to a treatment option that you're happy with, Lucy. I've got a derm appoi... More »
Lucy - I know how you feel Sarah I saw my dermatologist a few weeks ago and I won’t be seeing them till ... More »
Deleted account - I’d have done the survey after the diagnosis, can’t help? app!...its a figures filling thing!
Sarah - Never had that before Lucy! Sounds a bit off putting. There should always be some kind of advice,... More »
RosieM - I presume it was a Doctor? if so, why did they study to be Endocrinologists, with huge salaries i... More »
Mishlyn - Good for you Lucy! I love your positivity 😀💜
john,Hulk - hello lucy, yep, i been there and done the penguin moves
Sarah - Skills, Lucy! That's ace. I've been back at spinning class yesterday for the first time in a mont... More »
Don - At first I was having a hard time figuring out the message from you,.. but yea...I get it now...a... More »
Lucy - I do tend to be the confusing kind. You’ll get use to it. 😂
Don - you and someone else I
Psoriatic4good - I've been offered for biologics injections also for free. In short - no. If I had a psor rh... More »
Lucy - See I have psoriatic arthritis in knees and arm, I know I need something but I'm terrified 😩
Psoriatic4good - I'm sorry to say but nothing else will fix You in a short amount of time like injections.
Jack - Its fulfilling its life purpose! Must be the happiest vacuum cleaner in the world.
Lucy - Suppose but I just feel it's over worked. Might have to treat it on dinner or a drink 🍹
Andy - Same here Lucy, good job my Vac is a beast lol My skin is vile at mo, really itchy!!!
john,Hulk - mind,this is a place to say about the problems with P and PA from ourselves etc. i never really t... More »
john,Hulk - lucy .do you find you get more problems with arhtritis when weather changes from winter to summer... More »
Lucy - Honestly I have so many bloody problems with my arthritis when it's cold. I find when my psoriasi... More »
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